the adventure continues:- Hand jams, a real old hippie, not placing gear and a roo named Skippy!?

After a humbling morning on the Central Texas granite at Enchanted Rock state park, I now understand the thrill of crack climbing and I only did it on top rope for gods sake. This was my first day on granite and let me say it is beautiful pink granite. I got shutdown faster than a bootleg liquor joint and sent home with my tail between my legs. This was truly humbling and I am looking forward to the next time I get to do this thing called crack climbing.

The author after a solid day crack climbing..........on top rope!?
The author after a solid day crack climbing……….on top rope!?

I have never used hand jams, fist jams or finger locks in my life and today I got shown what they were and how they needed to be done. I made my own pair of tape gloves to save the skin on my hands only to have more pain in my feet as I twist them unnaturally into the crack below me (don’t crack climb in La Sportiva Solutions). The splitters are gorgeous and today is one hell of a day.

Having a crack at a crack.
Having a crack at a crack.

Growing through this experience is what counts, not the numbers or how many routes and on-sights. This is something that I will never forget. Spending time with people who love this shit so much that they sometimes fight about who’s leading the first route.

The night started with a short trip to the Frontier Outpost and camping ground……….this is what Texas is all about!

This is the Frontier Outpost
This is the Frontier Outpost

When we walked in the door to organise our camp site we were welcomed by a guy who resembled actor Sam Elliott. Long wavy greying hair and a moustoche you could have camped under. Out from under the moustache came this lilting southern drawl so deep and calm “Y’awl ain’t from around here are ya?” I almost laughed; I’d been waiting years to hear someone say that and actually mean it. I said “No mate were from Australia, can we have two campsites please.” His response floored me. “Did you use to watch Skippy the Bush Kangaroo?”………..I walked out and started to giggle and thought I have travelled 12000 kms to here that.

Tonight was my first use of my  Alps Mountaineering tent……..built for 1.5 average sized humans, but only one of me and my pack. Its a great tent; I am travelling the world with this little thing and its awesome.

First use of the new Alps Mountaineering tent.
First use of the Alps Mountaineering tent.

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