The adventure continues:- Cleaning up, selling up and moving on.

Our rest day started early with me waking up at about 7am and fluffing about aimlessly making coffee and lighting the fire as the power was no where to be found… was unseasonably cold in Kentucky during our time there and we had to “rug up” accordingly.

Cooking toast over the fire while squatting in Kentucky
Cooking toast over the fire while squatting in Kentucky

Mon surfaced with a serious amount of energy and a hair style that I looked at with a wry grin. She looked at me and said “Is my hair looking insane again?” I couldn’t say no as it was basically the best morning hair I had seen in years……..sticking up like the hair of a singer in some eighties new romantic english band; Duran Duran came to mind but they all look the same really…..

We decided to clean up the house as it was probably the only chance we would get to do it and, it was the least we could do to assist the owners Keith and Andy get it ready for the inspections as they were selling up and moving on.

The basement was like a garbage dump, there was a collection of assorted tools and equipment down there that were just in need of tossing into a dumpster. Last year apparently someone went down stairs to find something and there was a copperhead snake sitting on the shelf down there making itself quite at home and had been there for some time.

Monique said she was going to clean the basement so I jumped in and got stuck into the upstairs area. Basically just carrying furniture out into the yard and getting the sweeping and general tidy up  of the place done. The neighbour saw me bringing all this stuff out of the house and said “Y’all havin’ a yard sale?” I said “no its all free!” He started having a look around and said “I’ll take anything ya don’t want!” Monique said “Come and have a look in the basement!”

John Adams was his name and he was a home bred Kentuckian and when he spoke, it was so melodic and it just sounded like he sang everything that he was saying. It was amazing to listen to.John decided that we should be out enjoying ourselves and that he wanted everything the basement.

The basement after John Adams had finished with it.
The basement after John Adams had finished with it.

So we took his offer of him cleaning out the basement and we went too, and visited one of Mon’s friends at “The Beer Trailer” and then headed out for lunch. I gotta say is it any wonder that American men drink so much beer when you see the ads……there is no way you would get away with ads like this in Australia; there would be outrage and understandably so.

The Beer Trailer.....RRG, KY.
The Beer Trailer…..RRG, KY.
American beer adds.......what can you say?!
American beer ads…….what can you say?!
Busch Beer...........seriously!!
Busch Beer………..seriously!!
They just keep on coming
They just keep on coming

Monique really wanted to go and visit with Rick and Liz Weber. They are the founders of the Muir Valley Recreational Preserve. This is one of the truly spectacular areas of the the Red River Gorge area. We had a lovely couple of hours just chatting to Rick and Liz and it was a real pleasure meeting two people so dedicated to the sport and to the continuation of the preservation of the environment there.

Tonight is our last night with Olivia, Melissa, Joel and the kids, as they have to head back to Boulder, Colorado for work. We head over to the cabin again and hangout for a few hours, have dinner, drinks and talk about all sorts of silliness and laugh a lot about our time together and take photos to remember the fun times. That re-minds me I have to get those photo’s from Mel.

Tomorrow is our second last day in the gorge and we are off to the Chocolate Factory to do some of the classics and put Monique back on “Silky Smooth” 5.13a (29) to try and finish another solid project……………Good night Kentucky!


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