The adventure continues:- In a galaxy far far away…………Texas!

As I sit down to my American iced coffee; a glass of black coffee with ice in it (cultural confusion seems to be my big fault at the moment) my expectations failed to be met and the taste is that of my coffee left on the dining table at home for an hour in the morning. I decide not to bother with trying to describe what I actually want. I am remiss to admit that I am at fault here entirely as I am the alien on the planet of Texas in the Galaxy of America……….Fuck Yeah!!!

I find this place entertaining and truly eye-opening as I wade through its people and their culture, that I am totally unfamiliar with. I think I have a little bit worked out and then I realise that I am way off the mark.

Recently in Texas a bill was passed where it is now legal to walk around the streets with your firearms on display. This has made a lot of Austinites a little nervous given that the big thing in Austin is to “Keep Austin Weird”. This slogan represents an oasis in the middle of the only state that has in its constitution the right to become its own country……. as it was from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846.

In my time in Austin I have only met one person who was actually born in Austin! Sort of like Darwin in Australia.

People walking around with guns of any sort on display from July 1st 2015 will be the order of the day, and let me just say they will do it with pride…..with Austin being the exception to some extent. I find this city a wonderful and exciting place to be living for the first part of my journey.


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