the adventure continues:- Alone in Las Vegas!

I woke up to find more coffee made and a woman ready for action, suitcase packed and hand luggage at the ready. This was the day I had to drop my host Audrey at the airport as she was heading to Japan for a week of holidays with her boyfriend. It was indeed ridiculous o’clock in the morning but the smell of coffee and a good night sleep made it bearable. I drove Audrey to the airport and dropped her off wishing her a wonderful trip and a relaxing time. As I drove off I realised that I was for the first time “Alone in Las Vegas!”

I headed back to the condo and got myself sorted for the day as the goal was to head to the gym and continue to train like I had before leaving Austin. I had never really considered the benefits of bouldering as a real training method rather than just a way to kill time while waiting on my climbing partner. Theoretically it is true rock climbing! You find a rock and you climb it…….no harness, no rope and no assistance other than your body being thrashed into a contorted mess of pain. Fuck yeah!!! I had started doing 4×4 circuits because I had read that for power and strength they were the way to go and on top of that Monique had said she had real improvement whilst training like this.

I head off to the Red Rocks Climbing Centre (R2C2) and pay my fifteen bucks and meet this nice kid Kevin on the front desk……..he was listening to Led Zeppelins “Dazed and Confused” followed by “The Immigrant Song” (Two minutes and thirty six seconds of awe inspiring bliss). If that doesn’t make you train hard nothing will and you are simply…SOFT!

I started with a good simple warm up to loosen up my muscles and then I was into it. Four V4 boulder problems climbed four times each with a five minute rest period between each set of four. Pebble Wrestling was always a secondary pastime for me…….I appreciate the people who do it, but it was never on the agenda. So my session went well and I have a good benchmark now to start with. I will see how this progresses over the six weeks I do it for.

Later that night I got to sit down and spend some time with Audrey’s flatmate Seth. I had been informed that he was quiet until you broke through the barriers. We started talking about a whole bunch of different shit but really the theme was Australian slang versus American slang and it was a total blast. Have you ever noticed that depending on the accent, certain words work better than others? Especially when you’re cussin’. This is what we were talking about and we got stuck into it in a big way. It was so much fun listening to Seth trying to get that Aussie accent into the phrase.……we talked for hours, laughed hard and drank bourbon. I think I stumbled into bed at about 2am and it was awesome………great to hang out with this guy. He is a bent human who appears to have a damn good heart, a truly thoughtful spirit who is just plain angry at shit LMFAO…….fuckin’ softcock! Seth really loved that term and took it on as a term of endearment at me and in true Aussie fashion as a  standard reference to all people who pissed him off…….totally hilarious.

Not so alone really!!

Next morning I woke up feeling decidedly average and was welcomed with “Morning Softcock!” and the smell of coffee in the air……this I could get used to (except for being called softcock every morning, twice a week maybe?!) and thought coffee hmmmmmm………thats what I need, as well as two headache capsules of any kind. Panadol has never been heard of there and Ibuprofen is the secondary drug of choice. Acetasetamine or whatever its called is the way forward according to the Americans and its readily available at the gas station or drug store for your convenience. Seth’s dry, laconic delivery made me laugh so hard it hurt my head.I am so glad it was a training day and that I had plenty of nothing to do.


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