the adventure continues:- Dazed and Confused and lunch at Waaaaahoooooo’s.

Trying to take in events and adventures other than climbing, I decided to go for a hike this morning into Pine Creek Canyon. This is a beautiful trail through desert flowers and pines (hence the name of the place) The hike goes into the canyon on right of the middle mountain in the first photo. Hope you enjoy them.

This is the canyon lands
This is the canyon lands
Cute and very little
Cute and very little

The little fella above was the first sign of animal life that I saw and this was about ten minutes into the hike. The bunny was about the size of an iPad…….not big at all and for some reason not interested in moving on when a large predator (me) approached. I thought this both sad and courageous all at once. The creek bed was as dry as an Australians sense of humour and when it rained hard the deluge was both swift and large. Apparently the wash’s as they are known flood extremely quickly. It was still very lush and fertile although in the Nevada desert.

the river bed....dry and still lush in the desert.
the creek bed….dry and still lush in the desert.

The canyon lands are not only beautiful, but immense and daunting to walk into. they are both beautiful and dangerous and the climbing on these walls is adventure packed to say the least. If you really want to find out where your heart is, climb in the canyon lands.

The red Rocks Canyon band
The red Rocks Canyon band
and they  go on.........
and they go on………
and on.............
and on………….
and on.....forever.......
and on…..forever…….
and ever...............
and ever……………

Today’s weather was brought to you by “Dazed and Confused”. It rained at Red Rocks, it rained in Mt Charleston and it rained just about everywhere else too. So off to the gym to train and then lunch with Phil Jones and Bill “Daddy Mac” La More at Wahoo’s Burrito Joint in Summerlin. All in all a great day.


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