the adventure continues:- a bit of domestic duty makes for a cathartic time in Summerlin, Las vegas.

My missing host was supposed to be returning from Japan today and I thought the least I could do was tidy up the apartment and get it nice and ready for her return. It was a rest day so I vacuumed, washed , dusted the kitchen and lounge area and cleaned the bathroom.

The important thing about being in someone else’s house is to just do things and go un-noticed, but some people just don’t give a fuck that you have made an effort. This was not Audrey or Seth. They appreciated it greatly; 1) because they didn’t like doing it themselves and 2) its a shit way to spend your time when you would rather be climbing; as all rock addicts would atest to.

Following my enthusiastic start to the day I decided to go and do something I had not done for quite some time……..

Love this place and all it has to offer........Summerlin,Las Vegas.
Love this place and all it has to offer……..Summerlin, Las Vegas.

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