The Adventure Continues: – Oberhaching near Munich

Waking up at 4am this morning was not what I would have preferred to do; I would have rather slept through and felt less exhausted, but I am in Oberhaching near Munich hanging out with my friends Paul and Erin. I tried desperately to return into the arms of Morpheus for another couple hours, but I was denied this pleasure and dozed restlessly for the next hour, when I got out of bed and headed for the coffee machine in the quaint kitchen with the pretty garden outside the window.

Sitting wide awake at 5:30am and planning my first train trip into Munich from Oberhaching where I am staying. This is truly exciting stuff jet-setters! The last two mornings have been very impressive indeed. Yesterday I had my first coffee whilst flying over Scotland and Ireland.

Yesterday after arriving and spending a couple of hours catching up, Paul-Matthieu and I headed to the gym for a training session, bouldering our way to exhaustion……it was great to hangout with Paul and burn some pent-up energy………….so much fun. We then all headed out to the local biergarten to celebrate a friends birthday and settle in for the afternoon. It was wonderful; great people, great food and the weissbier was very tasty indeed!

I am so happy to be with two of the worlds “Great People”. Paul and Erin are totally wonderful in every way and I am very much excited to be spending time going on adventures with them whilst I am here in Europe…….I know we will have a ball together.

Erin and I walked up to the local shopping village this morning as she wanted to go to the doctors, poor thing has a very sore throat and feels like crap. She hasn’t been well all weekend; she is a real trooper and has soldiered on through regardless.

So i am now on my first train trip to Munich from Deisenhofen station. Its a different sensation as noting currently makes any sense and language is a real barrier for me as I don’t speak German at all. Fortunately most of Germany speak English in someway shape or form. I feel very inadequate in this way because I have always made an effort. I think I will get my act together when I return from my train ride. A little research goes a long way in making my life and any encounter I have a little smoother.

I have wandered around the Marienplatz for about an hour looking at the buildings and the architecture is what is striking. It is positively opulent in its nature and reminiscent of a time long ago. Large statues of past leaders and sovereigns are present everywhere and the animal of choice is the lion.

The Residents Palace parklands are just a wonderful place to walk around and the tree lined walkways are a reminder of a forgotten time. Cyclist flash by in droves as I wander aimlessly around snapping pictures on my trust iPhone 6. I was going to buy  camera but thought better of it when National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin started posting the shots he’d taken on his phone.

I started to get hungry and decided the best course of action was to indulge in the local cultures cuisine, so I walked into one of the many restaurant/cafes and looked through the menu. I ordered a black coffee, still water and the traditional Bavarian meatloaf (2 slices) with sauerkraut and pretzel. I don’t get the pretzel thing, its one of those foods that I just don’t like much, but when in Rome. The town bells announced 11am with a resounding chorus of chimes, varied and resonant as the last mouthful of this dish went down. I can honestly say I will not eat Bavarian meatloaf again…… was like warm devon and tasted pretty average……but as I said…..when in Rome. I wandered around a little longer and realised that I was in the shopping district proper and really didn’t want a retail therapy session, I would rather just  get on the train to Holzkirchen and head home for the afternoon. I am feeling a little tired as I  had a restless sleep so thats what I’m doing.

I need to go home anyways and get ready for my Greece trip. I have a little preparation to do as I am only taking one bag, however i have to take top, draws and other sundry equipment for the climb part of the trip. i can live in board shorts and t-shirts for the most but its the other gear that takes up the room. 15kgs check baggage and 6kgs carry-on. Its not much when you’re on a climbing trip……..hahahahaha. I am really looking forward to spending time with Grace. She seems really pleased and excited that i am coming over to Kalymnos to go climbing with her and do a three day trip to Istanbul as well.


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