The adventure continues:- Panorama Wall and The Aegean Sea.

The morning started with the sound of cockerels waking me up at about 5:50am. I was hoping to sleep a little longer in my Sea to Summit bag insert. It is cosy and warm……and despite being in Kalymnos, the mornings are a little cool at that time of the day. I dozed off again until about 6:50am and decided to get out of bed; remembering Grace’s comment from last night “Whoever wakes first makes the coffee.” I headed to the kitchen and made drip filter coffee for 5 people. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for the rest of the crew and drank a cup or two whilst updating Fartbook and waiting for the morning to really kick in.

Sunrise in Panormos - Serene and Idyllic...........except for the Roosters.
Sunrise in Panormos – Serene and Idyllic………..except for the Roosters.

Today we are heading to Panorama Wall for the day until the sun hits the wall and we would move on. I love riding a motor scooter to the crag and being able to stock up on lunch on the way at the local supermarket. I remember seeing movies that were filmed in Greece and the stars blasting around the place on Piaggio’s or Vespa’s.

We arrived at Panorama Wall at about 10am and it was shaded and a strong breeze was blowing. There were already a couple of people there on a 6c route, the name escapes me right now……but they  definitely had funny southern hemisphere accents. I thought, “gotta be Kiwi’s?!” The bloke belaying said “Hair ya’ doing?” I replied with “Good thanks mate! How are you?” Pleasantries exchanged and we established they were from the south island of New Zealand and lived in Wanaka just north of Queenstown. Beautiful area too. Great wines and good snow……………”Oh yeah, thats it! Carpe Diem, that was the name of the route.

Grace (above) and Sebastian (below) warming up on Pancelinos 6b+ at Panorama Wall
Grace (above) and Sebastian (below) warming up on Pancelinos 6b+ at Panorama Wall


Sebastian and I decided to put the draws on the route to the left and warm up. I tied in and Sebastian popped the rope through the Gri Gri ready to belay.  Pancelinos 6b+ (20) was great fun, pumpy enough to warm up on and the friction was just awesome with the breeze and being shaded from to scorching sun.

On a recommendation we decided to get on this route called Cigarillo 7a (23). So I tie in and begin the ascent. climbing up into a large cave, Sebastian says “I think you go left.” So I head left and onward and upward I go. About halfway up I get to thinking “This is pretty solid for the grade!?” pull through another ten metres and clip the third last bolt. By this stage I am feeling pumped and shake out a bit and rest while surveying the next section. Keep moving Craig……breathe…….. I pull up into the next section and three moves in I am toast. Off I come and the on-sight is gone……..disappointed and pumped senseless still, I sit on the rope resting. Sebastian says “I think you’re on the wrong route, you’re climbing a 7a+ (24)”……..I smiled to myself and looked down and said “Your kidding me?!”. It was called Aegean Sea and I was so so stoked…….absolutely fried……but stoked.

Staring out at the Aegean Sea from the base of Aegean Sea 7a+
Staring out at the Aegean Sea from the base of Aegean Sea 7a+
Grace and Sebastian climbed awesomely well and they are really cool to hangout with. We headed to the beach for the afternoon, swam and had a beer (we fell a sleep in the sun) ooooops……….might be a little sunburnt……maybe?!?!

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