The adventure continues:- Masouri or Bust – where the action is!

Sebastian and Sylvia are now on their flight to Athens and with the team dwindling to just Grace and I, the suggestion is that we move diggings to a smaller and more convenient apartment in Masouri. This will put us closer to the action and the beach as well.

Masouri Village
Masouri Village
Main Beach - Masouri
Main Beach – Masouri

We spend a couple of hours wandering around Masouri looking for an apartment that is suitable, well maintained and affordable. We check out a few places that don’t make the grade and with some reluctance take up the opportunity to look at a place recommended to us by our resident Kiwi’s Matt and Anna. Locating the Spitakia Studios makes us smile as they are gorgeously maintained and extremely cute to boot.

Spitakia Studios
Spitakia Studios

After meeting the owner and settling on moving in the next day, we head back to the Villa to pack and get ready to have dinner at our favourite restaurant; The Aegean Tavern.  But thats a whole other story…………


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