The adventure continues:- Rest days are for walking around solo.

As we settle into some R&R for a couple of days, I have decided walk around solo through the streets of Masouri and take in the local architecture and the colour palette the Kalymnian’s use to make their island homes there own. Below is typically Kalymnian and as you would know Grecian.


There are ram-shackled apartment buildings and run down shops. More than likely abandoned when the economic crisis first hit Greece approximately 5 years ago. This apartment building below is apparently owned by three brothers who are fighting over who actually owns it in the family, so they have let it turn to rack and ruin out of sheer stubbornness. Impressive decision I must say. This place would be gorgeous and a great place to live if it were renovated.


Wandering further leads to an impressive array of colour at the Hotel Atlantis, with its classic whitewash walls and cobalt blue frames and doors; the fuchsia flowers look absolutely amazing against the simple backdrop.

Hotel Atlantis
Hotel Atlantis

Taking the first right just after the now dilapidated hospital and you will end up at the other beach in Masouri. Less deckchairs and more sand and pebbles. Be warned, the far right hand end of the beach occasionally is home to the local nudists. Some would say just best avoid the righthand end completely. I say when in Rome!


The place that stood out the most on my wandering rest day was this place below, just stunning and beautifully kept. If I was living here, this is what I would want to live in…… find hidden gems all over this island if you just take a bit of time out and check out a few places, like the back streets of the town centre.

My Fave Man Cave!
My Fave Man Cave!

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