The adventure continues:- Priopos – Greek God of Tufas and the Flash Pump.

Today was our last full day available to climb as Grace and her daughter Alex are due to  head off to Poland early tomorrow morning. Grace and I rose early and had a quick coffee and some Quakers Oats for breakfast before jumping onto our trusty Typhoon 50cc motor scooter and heading the wrong way down our one way street to save time heading to the crag as we have the last five days.

Our 50cc Piaggo Typhoon Motor Scooter
Our 50cc Piaggo Typhoon Motor Scooter

We were headed back up to the Grande Grotto to get on our individual projects that we had yet to start…………LMAO………. Grace wanted to get on a route we thought was the Zawinul Syndicate (named after the great Austrian Jazzman Joe Zawinul who formed the band Weather Report in the early 70’s). I found out later that day the route with the difficult undercling move that was 10-12 metres long was actually called Aphrodite 7a+ and Zawinul Syndicate was in fact 7c/7c+ and went up to the left. Grace still did fantastically well on Aphrodite.

I wanted to get on Priopos 7c and give it a shot. It just looked inspiring and I was really psyched to get on it. A mate back in Oz, Matty Brooks recommended it to me and I took up the challenge. First shot was getting the first three draws on and then punching up to the first rest. Fell off at the 4th draw and then worked my way up to the 7th. Second shot I pulled all the way through to the 7th reaching a new high-point and fell going to the 8th through the second boulder problem. This is great climbing on bomber rock.

Resting after the first boulder problem on the 35metre route Priopos 7c at The Grande Grottos, Kalymnos
Resting after the first boulder problem on the 35 metre route Priopos 7c at The Grande Grotto, Kalymnos

I want to thank Grace for a great nine days of climbing and fun in the sun. She organised all the accommodation and sorted out all the communications with a large group of people that were there prior to my arrival on Kalymnos. Thank you so much Grace………your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the initial invite too 🙂


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