This adventure continues:- Kalymnos comes to an end – let our next new journey’s begin!

Our final dinner together at the Aegean Tavern last night included a beautiful sunset, a social media frenzy, a forgotten coffee and stories and photos of the love of Alex’s life. Oh and did I mention yet again the food was incredible.

Dinner at The Aegean Tavern with Grace and Alex.
Dinner at The Aegean Tavern with Grace and Alex.

I really enjoyed spending time with Grace and Alex, getting to know them a little better. We did actually laugh a lot; despite me being a bit of a grump from time to time and somewhat short occasionally. They however may not agree…….LOL…….oh well! 🙂

Grace and Alex left for Poland on an early flight; so I am walking around solo for my last day in Masouri.

After-all this trip did start with a ten minute conversation in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky USA in April 2015 and a few Facebook chats later………..Kalymnos 2015 was happening……………..I am here and it is now! 

I am headed up to the Spartan Wall for a relaxing morning of climbing with a very enthusiastic Norwegian man named Anders and his climbing buddy Stefan.

Anders at the base of the Gladiator Cave.
Anders at the base of the Gladiator Cave.

We decide on the walk-in that we will just climb 6’s for the morning and that will keep us all happy. Anders openly states he will be happy just top-roping as his kids have kept him on lead duties for the past week or so putting up draws on routes for them.

Stefan originally hails from Germany but now lives in Norway and is happy to get on what ever we decide to climb. After meeting at the Hotel Filoxenia we powered up the approach. Anders said it was the fastest time he had ever done the walk-in to the Grande Grotto……….STOKED!

We had a great morning climbing together and did some cool cruisy routes. Stefan climbed his steepest and longest route to date and Anders did laps of Harakiri 6b+.

The author and Anders at the base of the warm up wall.
Anders (right) and I at the base of the warm up wall.

I headed back to the apartment to pack, have lunch and get organised for my 3pm taxi ride to Pothia. I also managed to pop down to the beach for one last drenching in the Aegean Sea including an ice cold Mythos beer with Anders and his family. Oh shit! My boarding pass, I haven’t printed my boarding pass………shit everyone in town is asleep as its siesta time until 5pm………Shhhiiiiiiiitttttttttt!!…………I run up from the beach to the Glares Snack bar where the owner Sue is busily working and I ask her if she has a printer “No I don’t, but the cabbie who is picking you up, his brother has an internet cafe and you can print it there on your way to the ferry”. Sue saves the day!!!!………….inspiring dramatic theme music is heard all around my head. Problem solved. Get in the cab and go.

After nine days of limestone, the Aegean Sea and the aegean tavern. I am sitting in the Omilos restaurant on the harbour in Portios drinking a really cold Alfa beer and waiting for my ferry to leave en route back to Kos for my connecting flight back to Munich.The humidity in the air is solid and the beer is taking effect rather nicely.

Reflecting on my time here, I would gladly return and spend another lengthier period of time climbing, swimming and just enjoying the people of this fabulous island and specifically the town of Masouri…………simple, unaffected and a little hedonistic at the same time. As Grace would say “I LOVE IT!” 🙂


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