the adventure continues:- Gratuitous granite, great beer and glorious gastronomy

Friday night we were going to head south into Austria to be there for an early start climbing at Zillertal, but decided after a phone call from Jacques and Sylvia at 7pm, we instead head to the biergarten for dinner and a few drinks. We had a ball and spent time with “good humans” and got to bed at about 10:30pm.

Its now 8am and we are in the car rockin’ down the autobahn at 140 kmh towards our destination……..we are going to Zillertal; one of the best granite sports crags in Europe and one of the crags on my global tick list. Paul-Matthieu and Erin are so excited to be getting out into the mountains for a camping weekend and I am simply EXCITED!!!!


Arriving at our destination we unpack the gear and head straight for the Wächter Sector on the roads of the extremely fast flowing Zill river. People are already starting to overtake the crag with top ropes and there is gear splayed all over the place. We settle for a lovely introduction to the granite called “Miriam” 5c……….welcome to Austrian slab climbing. We climbed a 6a called “Equilibrio”. This route was sooooo much fun. Moving to the other side of the boulder we did another 6c “Kortini” that was incredibly stiff for the grade……..Zillertal grades really hand it to you hard.

At the end of the day we went up the hill to this little farmhouse restaurant that Paul-Mattheiu knew about and had an early dinner of sausage and potato salad with Zillertal bier. It was so amazing and was just what we needed after a day in the sun climbing.

Farmhouse in the Austrian Alps
Farmhouse in the Austrian Alps
My first pour was rubbish.
My first pour was rubbish.
Second pour was awesome
Second pour was awesome!
Austrian friend.........very cool little dude indeed.
Austrian friend………very cool little dude indeed.

After dinner we setup camp at campground two which was right on the river. Erin and I decided to go for a dip and we walked down to the edge of the river and I just simply jumped in. Holy shit it was cold………we guesstimated it was approx. 8-10 degrees celsius……so refreshing and I knew it was cold when my shin bones started to ache. Sleeping came easily at about 10pm after a cup of tea and off into the arms of Morpheus…… zzzzzzz!!!!!

My alpine home
My alpine home

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