the adventure continues:- When a saint comes marching in…………lit a candle for you dad.

Leaving the house reasonably early this morning was the best idea of the day. It was supposed to be about 28 degrees celcius and I really wanted to get another touristy thing under my belt whilst on a rest day. I headed into Marienplatz with the intention of getting to the tourist information centre and grabbing a city map for 0.50 euro.

Opening the map I noticed one of the important tourist destinations and thought that would be a great start. The Frauenkirche is a church that serves as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising and is the home of its Archbishop. Its Gothic architecture is just stunning and with its twin towers standing at approx. 37 metres it is awe-inspiring. They are currently renovating.

The twin towers under renovation.
The twin towers under renovation.

I walked into the main hall and was taken by the silence, the beautiful silence. There were people everywhere and I couldn’t help but notice the incredible respect paid. As I wandered around silently the thing that most capture my attention was the amount of beautiful art that lined the walls.

Main Cathedral Hall
Main Cathedral Hall
Incredible photo-realism artworks thoughout.
Incredible photo-realism artworks thoughout.

The artwork was just so incredibly beautiful and I was amazed by the size of some of the paintings. Some were thirty feet tall. One in particular caught my eye, not that I thought it was magnificent or amazing. it was simply the colours that were incredible.

I thought this was beautful.
I thought this was beautful.

Walking around introspectively I was thinking about dad and how he would have been interested in seeing all of this. I am not a religious man and nor was my father but I  decided to light a candle in his honour and remember him. It felt good to do this and let him know that I miss him.

Dad's candle
Dad’s candle

It was a great day and also an important one for me. I will remember this day for as long as I live, because I realised that the Bavarians didn’t have a Saint Francis represented in this church……….but they do now! 🙂


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