the adventure continues:- Distance…………..makes the heart grow stronger!

As I move further away from the things I know, I realise that my ability to survive and my resilience are the most useful resources I have. It is time to use them with an open heart, mind and spirit.

I am on the bus to Zurich to catch my connecting TGV (very fast train) to Dijon in France where I am meeting one of my great mates and his wife to have dinner and spend couple of days together while they are on the European holiday.

I, for the first time on my European jaunt am not quite sure what the plan is. I am without 50% of my climbing gear and have left my camping gear in Munich with my friends. I figured all that stuff can be hired, bought or borrowed if necessary and to travel light is the way to go right now.

The bus so far has been a relatively easy trip. I’m not driving……what do I care! I have spent most of the trip thus far talking to my friend in Australia on Skype. Tiffany and I have known each other a little under two years and she is a delight to talk to. We seem to get into great chats about many things and have a great time along the way.

Right now she’s 12000 kms away but hearing her voice made me feel a little more at home funnily enough. It is a simple thing to hear someone and not appreciate them, but right now as I venture into the unknown again and skip through countries by the minute, her voice gives me comfort and a level of appreciation that I will not skip past.

The German country side is filled with lush pastures and old barns that remind me of scenes from old war movies dad and I used to watch. Occasionally you spot a castle or fortification off in the distance, but most of the time you see solar panels mounted in fields and pine tree forests scattered amongst the pastural lands.

Right now its gone dark and we are travelling through a mountain. This one is only about 6 kms long and we emerge somewhere near Bregenz. As we approach the Austrian border I begin to get a bit peckish. Opening my day pack provides a source of sustenance purchased prior to my departure. Its an unusually flavoured bread roll but that doesn’t matter right now as the hunger pains wain and I feel little more alive.


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