the adventure continues:- Cafe de jour, Pinot Noir, good friends and the French Alps.

Today I spent the day in the Côte de Nuits just south of Dijon sampling some of the most beautiful Pinots I have ever tasted. Massernay, Fixin, Gervey-Chambertin and Vougeot. All of them are in a 2 kilometre radius. A truly stunning region.

Vines in the Massernay Sector
Vines in the Massernay Sector
Old grape press.
Old grape press.

Hamish, Alison and I had lunch at a little restaurant in Massernay called Patara,with very little French and English being spoken we managed to navigate our way around the menu to Salmon Tagliatelle , a salad Parisienne, local rosé and sorbet. It was a truly amazing meal in a stunning location with more “Good humans”.

Phillipe Leclerc
Phillipe Leclerc’s 2007 1st Crü les Cazetiers…..superb!
And then some................
And then some…………….
And then some more..........
And then some more……….

After lunch and another quick degestation stop at Phillipe Leclerc’s vineyard, wandering round the museum was so incredibly special as the building was 13th century and some of the artefacts were of the same age. It was a maze of cellared wine, farm implements, armour and weapons and ancient wine making tools including a 15th century grape press.

It to the rich with history.
It to the darkness… rich with history.
Then the museum..........
Then the museum……….
This room is simply stunning.........and full of wine making history.
This room is simply stunning………and full of wine making history.

Post degestaion we headed off south for two and a half hours to Grenoble in the French Alps.

Arriving in Grenoble in the middle of peak hour was an unexpected surprise. Then we had the awesome task of finding Le Grand Hotel. The Navman told us to head down a tramway into an on-comng tram……..thought better of it and proceeded to continue down the street. Finally reaching our destination and settling in was a welcome change from the freeway driving circus that is the European summer holiday traffic.

Dinner was at Restaurant Le Lyonnaise and it was a delight. Entertaining the fact that I had never tried “Typical Lyon style sausage” I jumped at the opportunity. I was advised it was very unique and different and well truth be told I totally agree. It was pig stomach stuffed with pig stomach and other parts of the pig that should personally be disregarded as edible, but I persisted and actually enjoyed the challenge. The flavour is definitely unique and quite bland really. The dessert of Pecan and Caramel Tart helped me recover and the local Rosé was divine.

The “typical” Lyon Sausage dish.

I recommend Restaurant Le Lyonnaise very highly on food quality, price and service. A great experience and a great local “not so secret” experience.

We then decided at 10:30pm to do the most highly recommended touristy thing in Grenoble………The Bastille. 8 Euros to take the gondola up to the top and was it worth it……..YES! Grenoble by night is beautiful from the top of town.

The futuristic gondola that takes you up the The Bastille above Grenoble.
The futuristic gondola that takes you up the The Bastille above Grenoble.
Grenoble from the Bastille.
Grenoble from the Bastille.

Good night from Grenoble, France frenzied followers…………..sweet dreams! 🙂


One thought on “the adventure continues:- Cafe de jour, Pinot Noir, good friends and the French Alps.

  1. Love the :bubbles” gondola, and the way that it crosses the township and river. Have been looking on Google Earth, beautiful buildings in Grenoble.


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