the adventure continues:- Onward and upward down south.

Excited to be heading out of Grenoble and heading to Briancon to catch up with Olivia who has been running a yoga and climbing retreat with her friend for a couple of weeks. I showered, packed and headed for the lobby of Le Grand Hotel to grab a quick breakfast and say goodbye to Hamish and Alison as they headed off to Lyon to return their trusty hire car nicknamed Fabio.

I walked to the tram stop that dropped me at Grenoble Central Station to pick up the hire car I had booked online. One I located the hire car office and proceeded with my booking, I was told when going to pay to reduce the excess that they did not accept debit cards and needed a major credit card. I didn’t realise that Alamo Rentals were a subsidiary of Enterprise Rental who I had this issue with in the USA. After walking to Avis and Hertz to try and rent a car……..there were none available….it was time for plan B. That was the end of Briancon, seeing Olivia and going climbing……..plan B it was then.

I decided to get the train to Avignon and go and see what all the fuss was about. Leaving it to the last minute may not have been the smartest idea but you have to live a little and see where it takes you. I bought my ticket and headed for a cafe for an hour to try and find accommodation on I joined up and found a nice little place, hopefully I’ll get a reply by the time I finish writing otherwise tonights dwellings may be either very expensive or the streets of Avignon. I dont know……..its the fun of spontaneous travel and the decision I made to do it this way.

Leaving the ancient village of Donzere heading for Pierrelatte the train gathers speed and I feel incredibly relaxed and at ease with whats ahead of me. This is not normally the case and I reflect briefly on my inner control-freak not having a total meltdown. A little anxious but I believe that to be normal according to the qualified.

With crop fields either side of me and hillside walled villages off in the distance I think about some of the pictures Tracey has shown me and the stories she told of her travels through Provence. I see Pierrelatte and wonder where in the hell is there an ATM here? No idea why that thought came to mind, But it did and I know there will be technology in Avignon. I just hope I can find accommodation.

Oh well onward and upward down south. 🙂


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