the adventure continues:- breakneck speed, dodging and weaving, farm cuisine and frenglish with ease.

I arrived in Mulhouse to meet Paul-Matthieu’s mother Dominique. a lovely French lady who was excited to see me and meet one of her son’s international friends, well that’s what she told me I think… broken english…hehehe. We had a lovely ride home at breakneck speed, dodging and weaving through the French countryside and the into the mountains of the Alzbach region in central eastern France.

This is where Paul grew up and I was so excited that we were headed there for a weekend with his family. I was really excited to be meeting mum and dad Fritsch. Erin and Paul weren’t arriving until late and it was now about 6:30pm and Phillipe, father Fritsch was now home and we had decided to go up the hill to a local farm for dinner. Looking forward to this I got ready rather quickly and was in the car before mum and dad knew it.

Dominique was dragging the chain here and Phillipe hurried her along as he and I had figured out that it was time for a beer and we needed to move with some haste. Dinner was awesome!! Pigs head terrine for entree and smoked pork with stewed potatoes, onion and creme for main and then this amazing creme yoghurt with milk and a shot of schnapps with whipped local cream……..holy shit!!!! Spectacular indeed. We also drank a couple of bottles of local beer and the house red by the jug…….we were all a bit pissy and it made the Frenglish conversation so much more fun.

Right to left:- Dominique, Phillipe and me.
Right to left:- Dominique, Phillipe and me.

Paul and Erin arrive about ten thirty and we sat and talked for about two hours just catching up on what we hadn’t known about each others adventures over the past five or so days and three weeks with mum and dad. Then off to bed as we were going climbing the next day. The local cuisine was wonderful and a true mountain farmhouse experience that you don’t get bumming around in the major cities of countries you visit, this is the cultural experience you need………and want!

Phillipe and I being just plain silly.
Phillipe and I being just plain silly.

A sweeter nights sleep one could not have had.


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