the adventure continues:- Castellterçol near Moià and Revolt de l’àliga

Today I woke up in Barcelona, yep thats right I am in Spain. Yesterday I was in the Alsace Region of France with my friends Paul and Erin hanging with the family for the weekend and now I am in Spain……HOLY SHIT!!! I so love travelling the continent and spending time with really great people. It truly enriches your life and you learn wonderful things from every single one of them.

This morning I met up with Ryan and Jen. They arrived dead on time at the Hotel Cuitat del Prat where I was staying. Thinking back on it I have know Ryan and Jen for a total of twenty minutes or so. I met them climbing with my adorable Texas climbing buddy Kathleen at a sector called Seismic in the central Austin area known as “The Greenbelt”. They were travelling through on their way home to Colorado to prepare for a European adventure.

Ryan reminded me that I suggested to them to take their climbing gear with them and we could catch up in Europe over the summer and do some climbing together. Well today was that day. We are in a little town about an hour or so outside of Barcelona called Castellterçol near Moià.

The streets of Castelltercol.
The streets of Castelltercol.
more streets...........
more streets………..
The memorial fountain in the town plaza.
The memorial fountain in the town plaza.

The climbing is not the best I’ve done but still good and the opportunity to hangout with these guys is just awesome. They are excited to be here and so am I and we are exploring a new area that is relatively unknown called Revolt de l’àliga 20 minutes out of Moia.

Stay posted for details once the Wi-Fi is actually working and free………possibly in Barcelona 🙂


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