the adventure continues:- Its about recharging your batteries and finding new motivation.

After an early wake up this morning to get Helena on her way. Fred and I spent the morning in Oviedo wandering the streets and generally having a look around “Old town”. We stumbled across it whilst farewelling Helena at the beginning of her pilgrimage to Santiago.

The narrow streets of Oviedo "Old Town".
The narrow streets of Oviedo “Old Town”.
The local cathedral in Old Town.
The local cathedral in Old Town.

Sitting in the cafe I uploaded the previous blog to this one and added some photos of yesterdays events. It was nice to sit in a cafe and not run off somewhere else for a while. People watching is part of the fun of travel and it reveals some amazing character along the way. Like the dear old bloke sitting near us yelling into his mobile phone. He reminded me of my mum’s dad when he spoke on the phone. He used to yell because he thought you couldn’t hear him because you were 600 kms away. It was hilarious at the time.

This is how i feel sometimes......definitely not how I look right now.
This is how i feel sometimes……definitely not how I look right now.

Apart from dropping Helena off we also came to town so I could replace my ailing climbing shoes. I purchased them whilst I was in Texas and they had been on all my adventures through the U.S. and part of Europe and they had now reached their use-by date. I have been using La Sportiva Solutions for the past 7 years, size 42. Today I changed it up and went to a size 43 in the same brand. This is quite remarkable given my tendency to not mess with a good thing, but it was time for a change. YAY!!!!!!!! New shoes……..whooo hoooo!!!!

In the afternoon I cooked us steak for lunch and we ate the left over salad with it, followed by empanada manzana (its a thin apple tart). Its a local thing and it was very tasty indeed. To follow up with a good reading session was just what was required. Dave MacLeod’s book “9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes”. It is so far a great read and I really like his writing style. A little bit of stretching and strengthening exercise again; remember consistency is the key trendsetters.

The weather is now closing in around us in the Picos de Europa and it looks like we are in for a bit of rain, so we are battening down the hatches and getting all our processions into the van ready for the downpour. The temperature has already dropped considerably and the clouds are quickly rolling in through one of the saddles in the high peaks.

Mountain weather can be minus at times.
Mountain weather can be minus at times.

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