the adventure continues:- A cultural experience thanks to great people staying in a great place.

Its 9:30 am and as I sit alone outside the van surrounded by nothing but forest, the river running quietly beside the campsite. There is a sereneness to this place that is unavoidable. Just  sitting and listening to the sounds of the early morning in La Hermida. Its truly beautiful.

Camp Espanol
Camp Espanol
Rio Deva at La Hermida
Rio Deva at La Hermida

There are 7 vehicles in our camp , all of them friends and acquaintances of Fred’s who are either here to climb, here to surf or both. The Atlantic Ocean is only ten kilometres away.

I can feel my mind is a little slow this morning as the effects of the vino tinto wear off from our late night sitting around chatting. My Spanish is improving but it just takes time to understand the way the language works. Everyone is really very patient with me and I am loving the challenge. The one thing I will say with complete confidence is that I am a lot quieter here then I normally am…..hahahaha. Note ** Some of you will be happy to hear that 😛

Its great to be meeting so many different people along this journey. They are open-hearted and genuinely interested in why I am travelling. Where I am going next and how long I will be gone for. Are you coming back to Spain they are asking? You should come back and stay for a while. This thought has crossed my mind and I have only been here a total of 12 days.

I am looking forward to getting out into these mountains and having a good look around. Driving through here yesterday reminded me of the scenery in the movie Avatar. Huge jagged peaks and lush rainforest is what I am currently surrounded by and its simply stunning. The density of the forest is incredible and the limestone is this beautiful pale grey white with blue water marks running through it. The river is almost surreal as it cascades through he gorge, with its perfectly formed pebbles and flat round stones everywhere. Really quite breathtaking.

I love this hotel........its location is just stunning
I love this hotel……..its location is just stunning
The village of La Hermida.
The village of La Hermida.

The noise of the forest has now begun to change with the stirring of people waking in their vans and tents, there are three dogs of varying shapes and sizes with us and you can hear the noise of the main road starting to growl into action as the weekend traffic picks up pace. I simply need a coffee right now and thats where this story ends for me.


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