the adventure continues:- Off to the land of Leprechauns, The Blarney Stone and Real Guinness.

As I walked down the gang plank to the Ryanair flight I am about to board fro Dublin, Ireland, I am listening again to my fav band Rush and the song that is playing is called YYZ. This is apparently the all clear code at Toronto or Montreal airport. I smile to myself completely aware of the coincidence at hand. I love those little things that trigger wry smiles or a slight laugh.

I had a slight issue with my baggage weight at check-in as it was a massive 1 kilo over weight and they wanted to charge me 10 euros for that extra kilo. I was a little frustrated with this as it had been let into the country at exactly the same weight, but it was ok. The ladies were only doing their jobs. I asked if I could put the extra kilo in my hand luggage and they were fine with that. Being slightly pushy I was rewarded with priority boarding and extra leg room……….BONUS!!!!! 🙂

Airports are becoming a lot easier to negotiate now that I have been away for a little while and they are now the place of new beginnings.


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