the adventure continues:- an impromptu dinner party, the sound of music and 16 desert island movies.

So night three in Ireland revealed that things happen very spontaneously here. Lottie and I had been faffing around the house all day and done the grocery shopping and generally stocked the cupboards with food and booze. We were contemplating hat to have for dinner and we remembered that on Monday night at the pub there was mention of one of Lottie’s friend popping over for dinner. This part of the day was yet to be confirmed and we thought about it very little until later in the afternoon.

By late afternoon the decision had been made and Lottie’s friend was coming over for dinner. Pasta bake and salad were the main course for the evening (wine for entree and dessert) and the weather was providing the opportunity for us to dine “Al Fresco”, apparently a rarity in Ireland at this time of year, even though it is summer. It is quite chilly at night still and some even wear little leg blankets to stay warm.

Once we were all assembled the wine started to flow and the conversation followed. Its a truly wonderful thing when you have like minded people talking about interesting subjects and agreeing and disagreeing on small details. I really enjoy this type of thing a lot. We chatted about music, movies , musicals, dating, relationships. All the usual stuff, but it was really really enthusiastic and everyone was quite forthcoming with their opinions and ideas.

Dinner was great and we all agreed that we should go and see the Sound of Music at the theatre in the next week or so. Lottie agreed to pick up the tickets. She also raised the question about what each of our “Top 4” desert island movies would be as we were also planning to be marooned together at some stage during my trip………NOT! There was much debate over a couple of them as we doubled up on things and had to choose something else if it had already been mentioned.

A night of great food and wine, laughter and wonderful people indeed.


One thought on “the adventure continues:- an impromptu dinner party, the sound of music and 16 desert island movies.

  1. Like the description of ‘faffing’ thanks Craig… AKA I work from home mate!!!
    But yes we did do a great shop as first one back post Croatia as everything was bare – including the garden after torrential downpours for 3 weeks had wiped out all my pansy flower beds 😦 – so appreciate your help in making them look presentable again before client come round to film this coming week!
    Also – hence being able to eat outside is #Supergreat for us northern hemispherers!


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