the adventure continues:- high on a hill with a lonely goat…….and the little prince.

I need to tell you all about this. This is a day to be remembered for me. Not for its excitement nor its adventure, but for its charm and grace. As I said in my last blog. I headed down to the cafe. When I arrived I ordered a coffee and just sat and read a great book called “The Little Prince”. It was a stunning little story and it brought a tear to my eye as I read through the last 15 pages.  This book was recommended by a lady I went climbing with in Greece earlier this year. I am now recommending it forward, let me know if you know of or have read the book.

Then I wandered off back home to get ready for……wait for it…………a night at the theatre!! We were off to see the Sound of Music at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. We had pre-supper drinks at The Marker, followed by pre-theatre supper at Hanover Quay and then in was all systems are go for 7:30pm curtain call. What a great fun night of music, humour, campness and simply great songs. Every time we were back in the convent scenes all I could think of was the Monty Python crew be completely and absurdly sacrilegious. It was making me laugh continually. I was forever hearing “High on a hill with a lonely goat, yoddlayee, yoddlayee, yoddlay eee ooooo”.

Totally fabulous night with Lottie and Steve. Aoife you really missed out……………maybe next time 🙂

I don't think this was the "Lonely Goat".
I don’t think this was the “Lonely Goat”.

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