the adventure continues:- making the most of catharsis and appreciating “good humans”

So its been few days since my last post and I have been relaxing at Lottie and Steve’s cute little house in Dublin. The weather has not been consistent and it has been cathartic to spend some time by myself just being. My darling hosts went away for the weekend to finish off some important work in the Irish countryside. I sat and watched the Gotham TV Series on Netflix until about 2am and then took myself to bed on Saturday night. I really needed to just sit and be.

Sunday morning I wandered around to the local cafe. Farmer Brown’s is a cute little wholesome establishment with great food sourced from local farmers and I have to say the coffee is pretty good. I just sat peacefully there for a couple of hours chatting to Gemma on Fartbook back in Australia. We get through some of the big issues and its a lot of fun to be connected with home regularly. I also talk to my mum a bit as she is really interested in what I am doing.

My phone rang at about 1pm and it was Sinead. She is a friend of my belay buddy Eva at West Wood Fitness Club where I have been training. Eva put us in touch after spraining her ankle bouldering. So anyways Sinead said her and some friends were climbing at Awesome Walls Climbing Gym from about 3:30pm. I had already considered heading up there to do some training anyways but this was just a great bonus to have people to climb with.After heading home and packing my gear I called a taxi. It was raining and one and half hours on public transport didn’t really float my boat. The taxi got me there very dry and very comfortable.

I wandered in to the gym and signed in and got the standard speech. All good and ready. I found an auto-belay and warmed up. Four laps of cruisy climbing and I was definitely warm. Sinead wandered over and introduced herself and we began climbing. Twenty minutes or so later David turned up and Sinead belayed him on his warm up. David hadn’t climbed for a long while due to injury and this was his first time back after the injury. Michelle turned up next. I introduced myself and we went climbing together for the afternoon.

Michelle wasn’t a regular climber she said, however watching her climb she had great technique and really climbed well. She was really pleased to say she was a great belayer too. this I was happy to hear. I got on a series of steep harder routes over the course of the afternoon and thrashed myself into oblivion and Michelle was a little more relaxed and climbed the more slabby and vertical things.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon when the weather was average and the rock was wet. Michelle gave me a lift home as she lived close to where I was staying. On the way home she basically gave me a trip through the touristy things on the north-side of town and I learned a lot about the Irish Catholic culture and how it has changed over the last century. It was a nice trip back to the south-side of town. Thanks Michelle for the very appreciated education. I will be sure to watch the documentary that you recommended called “One Million Dubliners”…..and thanks for the lift home too.

I showered and decided at about 8:30pm to head out for dinner. back to Farmer Brown’s again for the ribs and a nice Argentinian Malbec. Delightful way to spend an evening really. Very relaxing and very enjoyable indeed.


4 thoughts on “the adventure continues:- making the most of catharsis and appreciating “good humans”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time in Ireland there Craig! I’ll be taking Chae on her first multi pitch tomorrow. Big Bad Wolf!


    1. Love your work mate…..look after our Chae Chae. I know you will anyways and have an awesome send of our first sport multi together. I do enjoy that route…….next maybe do Physical Graffiti with her. She deserves good fun and great times on rock.


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