the adventure continues:- climbing with a great friend and some other Frenchies…………. at Kochel!!!

This weekend was my first back in Munich for sometime indeed. Erin and I were trying to work out just how long it has been; approaching 7 weeks. I have had some amazing adventures over this time and I thank all of you involved in them, both old friends and new.

The summer has not quite left us here yet and Paul-Matthieu and I headed out at 8am to go climbing in an area known for its slippery, polished limestone. I was really excited to be getting out again with my friend. We have wanted to do a lot more climbing together than we have actually achieved. We were meeting up with Paul-Matthieu’s longtime friend Adelin and another friend Guilhem in Kochel. We were having a boys day out in the German pre-Alps (as it is known).

We arrived and got ourselves sorted pretty quickly, the other boys were running a little late so we waited to walk the 200 metres to the first sector called Weisenwand. Once all together we headed in. The sector was small and we were the only ones there. This was great…….:-)

Paul-Matthieu on the sharp end.......
Paul-Matthieu on the sharp end…….
Giulhem after his ascent of a tough, slabby and technical 6+...........well done mate!
Guilhem after his ascent of a tough, slabby and technical 6+………..well done mate!

We climbed for about 5 hours in total and had an absolute blast, laughing, joking, learning slang in each others language and motivating each other up the walls. I had an especially good day of climbing as I flashed every route that I climbed 6/6+ to 7 (the UIAA grading system is used here). Paul said the grades were stiff too. All in all it was a really fun day with the boys and we called it quits about 2:30pm and headed for the lake.

The wall of much resistance ...
The wall of much resistance…….
the wall of most resistance.......this is steeper than it looks here.
the wall of most resistance…….this is steeper than it looks here.

As we walked back to the car I looked up at the mountain tops and spotted a paraglider high up on the thermals just floating about. I turned and looked further a field and there were three more all heading down off the mountain. Five minutes later we were near the open field and in they all came, one after the other landing silently. It was a wonderful sight to see.

Hurrying to the lake to cool down.
Hurrying to the lake to cool down.
Descending from the heavens.........on a beautiful day.
Descending from the heavens………on a beautiful day.

The lake was cold and refreshing as I hit the water and the view spectacular indeed. I always know when the water is super cold as my shins start to ache with pain. This however was not the case and it was refreshing enough to stay in for a while. We all swam out into the deep water and just floated about for about ten minutes. Slowly emerging from the water, the sun hit my back and it was scorching hot. Later we found out it was 30 degrees celsius.

A most refreshing place.
A most refreshing place.
Stunning and peaceful.........How's the serenity.
Stunning and peaceful………How’s the serenity.

There are many ways to get to the lake at Kochel and some are more efficient than others:

Option one to get to and from the lake.
Option one………….
Option two.............
Option two………….

It was so great to be back in Germany and hanging with my friends Paul-Matthieu and Erin. I will miss climbing with them whilst I am heading out of Europe for a while………but there are more great adventures to come………….stay tuned 🙂


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