the adventure continues:- swap a beach for a lake for the end of summer break………

Today Erin and I had a relaxing start to the day as Paul-Matthieu and one of his extremely fit and healthy friends Silvia decided to cycle down to our destination. Our destination was Walchensee, Kochel. A beautiful lake in the German pre-Alps that is the place to be on a hot summers day with great people.

The crew at the lake.
The crew at the lake.

Paul and Silvia left at about 9:30-ish in the morning and 67 kilometres later arrived at the lake. They had not taken their time and powered through the countryside in great fashion. Jaques met Erin and I at the house and we all travelled together while the two “Tour de France” cycling maniacs worked themselves.

A lone windsurfer honing his craft.
A lone windsurfer honing his craft.

We arrived at the lake and found a nice spot just slightly shaded from the sun and close enough to the waters edge that we didn’t have to move to far……….this was supposed to be a day of leisure. Paul and Silvia turned up about half way through our first swim. You have to love this place, it is simply breathtakingly stunning.


This is definitely the way to spend a day…………….the water was cool and refreshing, the sun was out and the mountains lush and green. I will miss this place and these people when I move on to my next adventure…………..because the adventure must continue!!


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