the adventure continues:- pints, pizzas and pulling on plastic………

It was the night before another 4am start to get to the airport and I was on my way to Messerstadt West to meet Paul-Matthieu to go and have one last climbing session. Tonight I would belay him on a couple of routes he wanted to do and for me, one last power endurance session to cope with the steep long routes that I want to attempt in Kalymnos.

The Plastic Fantastic.........Munchen Climbing Gym.
The Plastic Fantastic………Munchen Climbing Gym.


When we arrived there were the two Frenchies that we had climbed with on Saturday in Kochel and they were ready to climb. We all headed to the outdoor walls and started. Guilham and Aderlin got going a little slower than Paul and I , however we were all there to see each other again before I floated off on another climbing sojourn……..I am a very fortunate man.

The weather was good and the day light was fading so we ploughed through about 8-10 routes each and called it quits. Wandering back inside Paul said “beer and pizzas boys!” and he was welcomed with a resounding YES! We got changed and sat on the couches and it all started from there. There goes the early night……………………

Aderlin (left) and Paul-Mattheiu
Aderlin (left) and Paul-Mattheiu
Guilham (left) and I being absolute clowns :-)
Guilham (left) and I being absolute clowns 🙂

Thanks guys for a great and energetic send of to Greece…………………. 🙂


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