the adventure continues:- Each man delights in the work that suits him best – Homers, The Odyssey

As you are all aware, I am on one hell of a big adventure. I am a fortunate man who knows there is bound to be a time limit attached to this current lifestyle, however while it is possible for me to do this, I will continue to explore cultures and rock climb my way around the world……………I do delight in the work that suits me best. 🙂

One of the more altruistic things that I have been doing is to try and inspire, motivate and celebrate any achievements of the people I come into contact with. This is something that is not a difficult task for me, as I love seeing people reach their true potential. I guess the reason I am talking about this is because of the continued inspiration, motivation and celebration I receive from not only my family back at home, but my friends and the new people I am coming into contact with who want to see me reach my true potential.

I am growing and getting stronger everyday along the way and it is truly wonderful. 🙂

To anyone out there who is travelling now or has travelled alone……….keep going….it is the one thing that is yours……………….inspire and motivate yourself and be sure to celebrate your own achievements along the way too.


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