the adventure continues:- a flat battery, a stomach bug , tightening bolts and climbing on jugs.

Well since my last update I have to say life on my island home has been a little bit interesting. About to head out climbing nice and early with Darryn and Tracy on Saturday just past and I went to start my groovy little 50cc Peugeot scooter and………nothing………dead in the water……….not a sound. The bloody battery was flat and it was 7am. Nothing opens here until about 9am and by the time the hordes are moving around in droves the sectors are swarming with scooters abandoned by their owners.

Scooter hell at Aginonta Sector...........
Scooter hell at Aginonta Sector………..

I had breakfast again as there was no use going out climbing if it was that late already and the scooter wouldn’t have been ready until about 10:30-11:00am anyways. I spent the morning hanging out with Karine sorting out my next big adventure trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro and doing a safari across the Serengeti. Then headed around to Pothia, had an early lunch at a fav local establishment and rode to Varthy village and around the island on my updated scooter with Tracy and Darryn and then down the beach for the afternoon.

A beautiful fishing boat in Pothia harbour.
A beautiful fishing boat in Pothia harbour.
The port of Pothia is a serene and beautiful town.
The port of Pothia is a serene and beautiful town.
Fish farms in the Aegean Sea on the way to Varthy.
Fish farms in the Aegean Sea on the way to Varthy.
The town of Varthy nestled in the deep valley, truly stunning.
The town of Varthy nestled in the deep valley, truly stunning.

The next day was a legitimate rest day. So it was bacon and eggs for breakfast at Glaros Snack Bar with Karine and Darryn. A couple of americano coffees later it was time to get some work done. Finding the next crag to visit and selecting another project, doing the laundry, figuring out what time to go to the beach etc etc etc……………life is truly difficult for me right now 🙂

As part of our way of contributing to the climbing scene here in Kalymnos Darryn and I have been putting in our ten cents worth and tightening bolts where we find them loose on routes. It doesn’t take much effort to check a few bolts on each route and verify the anchors are safe and sound. Such a little effort for such a great outcome. To keep Kalymnos climbing safe. Steve and Sue from Glaros Snack Bar provided the spanner and a few additional fixed hangers………thanks guys.

Sunday night Darryn, Tracey and I headed out for dinner to a great little place a the north end of town and had a good fun evening. We decided to go to bed early and head out climbing early the next day, its great getting to the crags before the hordes of vertical animals turn up.

Darryn and I in our Sunday best............
Darryn and I in our Sunday best…………

The next morning I was awakened by serious stomach cramps and knew immediately that I was a victim of a bout of food poisoning. I was going to fight it and go out climbing but within fifteen minutes of being upright I realised this was absolutely pointless. Another forced rest day and I was down for the count. Darryn had some good drugs to sort out the cramping and associated results of this issue. I rested and was looked after by the lovely Karine; she made sure I did nothing but rest all day. I really don’t do being ill well and feeling like that, its just debilitating.

The next day feeling better Darryn and I headed out to the Aginonta Sector and did a series of cruisy routes, checked some bolts and climbed on a couple of crag classics that were almost steep and juggy. Its great cruising up fun routes on good holds and just simply enjoying the movement. I felt a little tired on the 7a “Sex in the City”, bouldery bastard of thing 🙂 but sent it with one rest.

This life is truly a blessing.


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