the adventure continues:- its always important to have the experience…………thanks Darryn.

One of the great things about taking photos is that you will always have the memory of the experience and I for one, travelling the world want to remember this adventure. I know recently I have not been regularly blogging. This may in fact be due to the great time I am having hanging out with a group of people who are so much fun to be around and so uniquely interesting as individuals that I just want the experience.

Spending time with a climbing partner you have not spent more than 7 minutes talking to previously is a pretty cool thing. The conversations are interesting as you get to know each others quirks and eating habits, tidiness levels and just simple living styles. I, on this current Kalymnos adventure have been fortunate to be spending time with a very cool man. Darryn is a very chilled and calming partner to have and continually reminds me to not take climbing so seriously and just have fun doing it.

Darryn and I in our Sunday best............
Darryn and I in our Sunday best…………thanks for the photo Tracey Hua……love you longtime!

In the initial days of this trip we were both a little unsure of where to start with our climbing and so having been here before I took Darryn to the places I went to last time and we had some great days in the vertical world. On one of our early rest days we did a recon mission on our trusty scooters to find out where the other areas and sectors where. This worked a charm as it saved us time trying to find things on the day when we rather just go and climb.

It has always amazed me how quickly we develop a level of trust with our climbing partners. Our lives are literally in each others hands and despite some peoples views, climbing is and always will be in my humble opinion…….and extreme sport. I know that when I am climbing that Darryn is totally there and focussed on keeping my skinny butt off the ground and I his. Its a great partnership developed at speed under extreme circumstances……………………..this may sound overly dramatic……it is not! Its simply a statement of fact.

The boys doing the business......note the spanner....yep we do find loose bolts.
The boys doing the business on Thetis 6b for the warm up……**Note the spanner. – Photo Tracey Hua

You’ve got the spirit mate! You really do :-)………oh and OMG!!! Those perfectly toned calf muscles to help propel you skyward…….. 😛


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