the adventure continues:- thunderbolts and lightening very very frightening……………….me!!!

Today is another rest day for the trusty Kalymnos Klimbing Krew after a couple of solid days in the vertical world. We are managing to stay fairly well rested and in our down time we try to get out and see a few things and recover from the brandishing that our bodies are receiving on a regular basis. You realise as you get older that climbing hard has to be managed with a stoic and resilient approach otherwise you simply break.

Dionysos 7a Odyssey Wall.
Dionysos 7a Odyssey Wall.

The rain has settled in overnight and mother nature is putting on a fabulous show with rolling thunder and incredible lightening flashing across the sky. This is the first time I have witnessed a thunderstorm since I left Sydney six months ago. The smell is just wonderful and I love the scent of the rain as it falls. All the positive and negative ions screaming around the atmosphere……….truly wonderful.

In typical Greek fashion the power occasionally flickers and we are in the dark on and off for less then three seconds at a time, but I find this totally hilarious and  think its truly part of the experience. Oh hang on a minute! I am now sitting in the dark, the screen of my laptop lighting the way through a more prolonged power loss. This is what storms are supposed to be like 🙂

I have Gangajang’s song “This is Australia” pouring through my head “Out on the patio we sit. And the humidity we breathe, We’d watch the lightning crack over canefields, We’d laugh and think, This is Australia”…………….Memories of home and the great storms my great southern land experiences.

I think it’ll be a day for sitting in the cafe and just going through what needs to be done to prepare for my next little adventure.

stay tuned as the adventure will continue…………………………. 🙂


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