the adventure continues:- aussies abroad………….endless surprises, reflections and great times ahead.

Today was Doc’s (Darryn) last day in Kalymnos with me and I must say I would be remiss to say I was not a little saddened by this. He has been a great source of information and support whilst we have been creating havoc on the Hellenic shores that we currently grace. Its hard to know where we began, but put simply we just contacted each other and decided to do a climbing trip together…….it was that easy.

Today Doc decided on the Seaside Kitchen (Ghost Kitchen) sector to throw his weight around and take in a day of hard climbing to ease the burden of travelling tomorrow. The effervescent Tracey Hua was with us yet again providing a source of insanity and fun that belies her age, she is truly a Weapon of Mass Distraction. When we arrived at the base of the cliff we heard a noise and there it was………….a bloody goat eating 12 metres up a 6a+ slab…………..hilarious!!!

Feeding on a 6a+ slab........its just walk in the park.
Feeding on a 6a+ slab……..its just walk in the park.
Moving right along..........
Moving right along……….

We warmed up a route called “Joy in the Garden” 6a+. Doc put the draws on it and with a very humid and sweaty ascent after him I followed. Tracey had warmed up on a solid 6c+ called Globus and decided to stay on the anchors and take some photos. Here is one of the many…….

The author warming up on Joy in the Garden 6a+.
The author warming up on Joy in the Garden 6a+.

Today’s “Send of the Day” definitely goes to Doc. He had a shot at “Ioli” 7a and struggled a bit at the crux, but on the second attempt he completely nailed it! It was sensational to watch as he cruised up through the steepness and pulled into the crux as fresh as a daisy and stepped up to complete the route. Great ascent by a truly great guy and very deserving indeed.

Doc sailing through the steepness on Ioli 7a.
Doc sailing through the steepness on Ioli 7a.

Tomorrow Doc is off to Italy to meet his other half for three weeks of museums and touristy stuff. I think he will enjoy it immensely but I know he miss the insanity and fun that we have had over the last four weeks together with our little buddy Tracey. Truly a trip to remember and we will always be the Kalymnos Kalimbing Krew……… 🙂


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