the adventure continues:- glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity

September 24th 2015 – Today has been a very big day indeed. It all began with a trip to Olympic Wall at the Odyssey Sector to have a lot of fun with Doc (Darryn) and Tracey climbing and to really give some of the harder routes up there a red hot go! The walk-in was about 40 minutes and we got away early so we could be there first and get on the routes we wanted to try.

Tracey and Doc got on this horrible chossy thing called “Cantela” 6b. It just looked like a shitty climb but they got on it………….and it was shit all the way to the anchors. I decided against this and warmed up on “Alpha” 6b…….steep bouldery start to a slight technical slab and an airy finish to the anchors. It was a lot better than the other choss fest.

Once this was done Tracey suggested we get on “La Bite ne Fait pas le Moine Extension”. This 7b (25) was indeed a daunting looking ascent with its bouldery start, solid slab line and then 15 or so metres of serious tufa climbing with a small traverse just for kicks. Tracey, Darryn and I decided to give it a shot. I put the draws on and struggled up the first shot, Tracey did great and came of just below the anchors and Darryn gave it a good hard shot and fell moving off the first big tufa. The best line I have climbed in Kalymnos yet!

Second shot everything fell into place and I sent the route clean……this is exciting stuff indeed!!! 🙂 Tracey ticked it second shot and Darryn achieved a new high-point and fell at the evil pinches that are unforgiving.

September 27th 2015 – I guess the reason I am really writing this blog post is that today I realised that I have been self-sabotaging myself for a long time now and in the last week it has become very apparent. I am saddened by this and it makes me feel very upset with myself. The positive side of this is that I have now realised this and I can begin to work through removing this behaviour from my life. It has caused many problems over the years with work, relationships and now climbing. This self limiting behaviour has stopped me from doing so so much……..but no more!!

I sent a 7a+ route that I knew I could climb, but for so long I would make excuses and not get on routes that were this hard or harder. I would have one extra glass of wine the night before, I would go to bed too late and feel like crap the next day, I would even make excuses when I got to the crag about not “feeling the vibe”. This behaviour has limited my success and maintained a “failure constant” because I feel like I am not deserving of achieving these things………This is not true and I do deserve these things.

I also deserve to have the support required to achieve these things, and I have them here and now in Kalymnos in the form of Darryn, Tracey, Karine, Beatrice, Akiko, Lillian, Anne and the yoga crew,all the other friends I have back home and around the world……….I will most importantly succeed for me, however I will also succeed because of you too. 🙂 and I am coming back stronger!

One likes to believe in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity.” – Neil Peart 


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