the adventure continues:- there are scary things on the outside, but its more scary on the inside.

Today with some trepidation and doubt I got on my scooter with Karine, Tracey and Eric hopped on theirs and we all headed north to the Cave sector on Kalymnos to check out an active underground cave system. Its important to state very clearly that I have a very serious issue with caving……… scares the shit out of me!………….but anticipation of fear is worse than fear itself.


As we rode through the winding countryside I was doing my damnedest to stay well out of my head and just enjoy the experience. This task was very difficult to say the least but it helped greatly. We searched for the parking spot and finally found our destination. We hiked up to the prison-like barred gate and opened it……… creaked and squeaked just like in the movies.

Karine checking out the formations
Karine checking out the formations


The descent into darkness began with two ladders and a slippery scree slope and only our head torches to light the way. I imagined what it was like for the people who first discovered some of the larger cave systems in the world. This is truly a whole other form of exploration and adventure. As we descended further the air thickened and became very heavy. I felt myself starting to sweat…………………ANXIETY!!!!!


At the end of the track I stood in awe at the size of this hidden treasure. Intimidating, overwhelming and absolutely beautiful. WOW!

Quartz crystal centre of a broken stalagmite.
Quartz crystal centre of a broken stalagmite.

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