the adventure continues:- black coffee, quantum physics, autumn hues and philosophy.

Walking into a cafe in Dublin can truly be either a quite morning of introspection and thinking about what the next adventure will entail, or it can turn into an enthusiastic conversation with a stranger about life the universe and everything.

As I walked to the cafe this morning I was truly taken by the autumn colours that glowed across the Dublin streets. I wandered past my favourite establishment “Farmer Brown’s” and smiled as I walked across the road to see the “Bath Hotel” strewn with spider webs and ready for a big Halloween celebration weekend. I found this really inspiring and smiled in appreciation as I made my way through the bleak weather. Dublin is beautiful even though bleak at this time of year.


Ordering my coffee this morning was a little more familiar as I had now frequented this cafe more than once. I like their coffee, I like the food and I really like the photograph of Bondi beach on the wall. It reminds me of home, so I sit directly in front it to enjoy my fix.

My fav rave........
My fav rave……..

I started chatting to this Polish lady and she was a software developer. We chatted for about ten minutes regarding career and why we were in Dublin. She turned back to her table when he breakfast arrived and I did the same. Breakfast was great! Paleo breakie; bacon, eggs and avocado with a black coffee.

I had just finished when my new friend said “do you mind if I join you for a little while before I go to work”. We sat and continued to chat about many things including why she chose computer science as a major, quantum physics and the influence of Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox on the masses, how mathematics has changed the way we vie the universe and………..we also discussed Carl Sagan and science as the “new philosophy”.

The Bath Hotel.....that is all.
The Bath Hotel…..that is all.

I dont often have these conversations very much anymore as the person I had them with is seemingly part of my history and not part of my present. Thinking back on these wonderful conversations and the late nights of music, bourbon and cigarettes makes me smile as I reflect deeply on the people who have influenced me.

Thanks Natalia for a great chat this morning and for reminding me of the things that I thought I had forgotten. 🙂


One thought on “the adventure continues:- black coffee, quantum physics, autumn hues and philosophy.

  1. Hey mate. Kirsty provided me a kink a I Read your blog and laughed, cried and at times scratched my head (obviously when you were talking about climbing!) lol…What a journey! and the trip seems to have been fabulous too!

    Seems to me that the man writing the recent stuff is definitely different to the man who left here all those months ago – proud of you mate. An amazing trip you’ve been on and agree that you are now not only a well travel individual but also seems you’ve grown so much and you are a far more balanced, level headed and happy!!

    So very happy for you and hope the journey continues – both the geographic and the journey of growth. Well done Craig!

    Take care and have an Irish Whisky for me!
    Miss you mate


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