the adventure continues:- Our last day on the Wild Atlantic Way……….The Burren.

It was a distinct advantage being back at Salthill as the rain tumbled down outside as we ate our breakfast and discussed today’s plan. Karine is so relaxed about where she wants to go, but when she knows she just lets me know very easily and we just get on with it. I suggested we head south for the day and then come back to Salthill again for an easy escape tomorrow morning back to Dublin so we could go climbing in the gym together; Karine’s idea……not mine. I didn’t fight her on it though. 🙂

As we headed south the weather decided to clear up and we smiled at each other cheerfully saying “can you believe how lucky we are?” Apparently this is the best weather in years in November. So we are going to soak it up and enjoy the ride. Our first real stop was Dungaurie Castle. This beautiful castle is on the outskirts of Kinvara and is the centre piece of a vista that is just absolutely impressive. The village itself is quaint and colourful with a harbour that should be in a Luc Besson film (check him out, he makes great flicks).


We had lunch in the Strawberry Hedgehog Cafe in Kinvara and the food was a delight and the ambience was divine. We wandered around the harbour together just staring at the most beautiful things. Old fishing boats, yachts, the landscape and even some dingy dinghies that should have been removed as trash. The buildings were beautifully painted and the place was amazing. Well worth a visit and a meal.





Travelling further south we started to notice the hills were turning grey and getting a little strange looking. This was the Burren. The geological formations are just so incredibly unique. I have never seen anything like them. Large masses of granite that looks like its been sliced up like brownies in a tray. I saw a sign that said “Chocolatier” and that was it, we were off to the chocolate makers for a quick sample of some amazing truffles made on the premises from scratch.


Stopping for chocolate was a great idea, as we spotted the ruins of an old abbey. The name escapes me now but the foundation stone was dated 1133 or something similar. How do you describe something thats nearly a thousand years old and looks like just another grey building in the granite landscape of the Burren. We walked around the grounds and inside the ruins for about twenty minutes photographing old headstones and the sky made a superb backdrop for the gothic vibe of the place.





Heading back to the coast a hiking trail sign appeared and we thought what the hell, lets do another hike. Not as far this time but the view was great and the wind was a cutting westerly as the sun began to sink low in the sky. We walked for about three kilometres in total but it was such a wonderful thing to do together and a great way to finish the day before heading back to Salthill.




We decided to share a meal and a bottle of Pinot Grigio and head up to watch a movie. That would have been great if we had stayed awake to watch it. We were both out like a light before the movie was ten minutes in. We woke at 11pm and headed down to the bar for a night cap and then back up to sleep. This is the way to spend your days when its cold and wet outside.

I would like to say “un grande merci beaucoup” to Karine for coming over and doing this trip with me, it made it a truly wonderful experience and we are already planning our next adventure………….stay tuned 🙂


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