the adventure continues:- Dublin Bay reveals unique treasures…..

I decided today to go for a walk around Dublin Bay. I was in need of some exercise on my “active” rest day and thought a walk would do the job. Not knowing what this walk entailed I set off to that start of the walk, on Dublin Bay beach.


As I walked across the road and looked out to the headland I remembered Lottie telling me about the lighthouse and and how far the tide goes out in this place. The tide moves extremely fast in these waters and if you were a little unawares you  could get caught out there if you decided to walk across the sand.




I decided to walk the path and stay well away from the water……LOL. Heading out and around the headland I saw the lighthouse off in the distance and thought “thats not that far, I’ll head out there and have a look”. As I walked I began to notice it wasn’t getting any closer and thats when I realised the lighthouse was in fact about 3kms from where the start of the walk was………oh well keep going Craig!



Along the way there were some wonderful moments and some very cool history that would sort of go unnoticed if you were just aimlessly wandering. I hope you enjoy the photos. They have been posted on Facebook, but I much prefer the quality here on the blog.



It was a great way to clear my head and see one of the local attractions in such a different light, both metaphorically and literally. 🙂



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