the adventure continues:- Geyikbayırı and Kezban’s are home for the next two weeks…………

As the rain comes down here in Geyikbayırı I sit here in Kezban’s Guest House and look up at the amazing array of routes that are literally 100 metres from the main dining room. This place is a mecca of limestone sportiness and stunning views. The mountains behind the guesthouse are simply beautiful to stare at while you sit on the rope trying to figure out your next moves and what you need to do to get up the route you are pursuing.


The camp site is a field of pomegranate trees with fruit in various stages of decay as the birds attack and eat the fruit for the incredibly sweet cargo. The leaves are starting to change colour and the winter is coming as the nights grow colder as the days pass by on this, my first Turkish adventure.


I arrived on Saturday around midnight feeling absolutely shattered and needed a day of rest straight up as travel days always manage to wipe me out. So I unpacked and went to bed and slept badly for about five hours. I think there was a little bit of anxiousness as I am only 600 kms from the Syrian border and lets be brutally honest; there is a lot of shit going on over here on a daily basis.

I decided to go for a wander around and scope out one of the climbing sectors that I could see from the river. The landscape is beautiful and rich with colour and the water looks very cold indeed.




The rock formations are very unique. It looks like Kalymnos and its the same sort of rock, but it just feels so so different. The routes look stunning and they are long and some are very steep. This I acknowledge to myself is the inspiring part.



Tracey, Vincent, Anita and I climbed the next two days at Trebenna West, Trebenna West Extension and Sarkit. I was nice to be on rock again after such a long absence and I could feel my nervousness creeping up on my as I was on new ground and had different belayers. It does take time to build that trust you have with your regular partners and to get comfortable with the new feel of the rock. Not to worry, it’ll be ok in a few days time and I’ll be trying super hard yet again 🙂


Technology has been a god send as I have been able to communicate well with my darling lady Karine and also stay in touch with my family. They are a little concerned about the political stability of the area, but they know I will get out if things go pear-shaped. I will run out if I have to.


So on a lighter note, I have this very cute little bungalow as my home for my time here. its very cozy and peaceful and its just what I need right now. Its great to hide away in from the rain and the resting masses that fill the mess hall with watching movies without headphones and others music clashing altogether. I don’t cope well with that when I am tired LOL.


I’d say from the way it is raining here right now that we might not be getting out climbing tomorrow either as the rain has really settle in and is very consistent. It is very cool and a little breezy right now.

Also, on the flight over I finally admitted to myself that I will need to get some reading glasses…….so pissed about this as the signs of age finally start to set in. I am not old, I just cant see the words on the page as clearly as I used to.


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