the adventure continues:- wind, worry, wang chung and the way forward…………climb through the fear.

The wind has come up and the temperatures have plummeted, so today is a day for washing, cleaning and a little philosophical introspection

As stated in my previous blog I have been having a few issues with my head and feeling very anxious when climbing. Well yesterday there was a breakthrough…….I decided to be the draw monkey and put the draws on everything and that it was time to fight. It is a really frustrating thing to know you can climb so much harder than you are doing presently, because your mind is being your nemesis.

Nemesis: something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.

  1. Have a strategy and a process to regain control of your mental state.

When I start to get strung out on a route, I feel my heart rate start to escalate and my breathing becoming short, I find a place that I can rest. Either by down climbing to a comfortable position or by climbing on to the next rest. Don’t just stay where you are unless you are totally in balance and can start to work through this process of recovery.

Focus on reducing your heart rate back to what you consider close to normal. Do the same with your breathing. Once you have reached the point of calm, begin the process of looking at what you need to do to continue your send. It is also important not to be too relaxed, as you need the adrenalin to still be present so as to keep you moving onwards and upwards. Don’t focus on the end goal (success or failure).

  1. Climbing through your fears with a rational mind.

As your head starts to panic, you feel the tension increase in your body and your movement becomes less relaxed, focus on the next move, being in balance and not over gripping, just relax a little more if you can. Assess your situation in the following way:

  1. Am I climbing at my limit?
  2. Am I going to fall in a dangerous manner (ledges, edges, runout with big fall possibility)
  3. Am I communicating with my belayer.
  4. Can I see the next move clearly in my mind.
  5. Commit to doing something. climb and fall, down climb to a rest, just stay focussed.

All of these things may appear to be over thinking the issue, but they are processed in nano seconds. Take the time to assess where your head takes you when climbing and try to work through the fear, the falling and the get back to the fun. Thats what this sport should be for you.

It should be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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