the adventure continues:- two metres above the clip and too pumped………take the whipper!


Today was my last day of climbing in Turkey for this year. Tracey and I headed out this morning after finishing what was left of our food to warm up at the Turkish Standard Sector. We climbed a nice 6b+ and then we wandered over to Trebenna West Extension to put me on a 6c+ that Tracey was raving about and so she could retrieve her draws from her project.



I was a little dubious about getting on the route and I thought to myself “c’mon you have to try.” I tied in and slipped on my shoes and off I went. This was a really great feeling route that had all the bells and whistles that make a route truly great. By the next clip I had realised I was actually at the sixth clip as I had run out the rope and missed the fifth clip and was feeling good. I don’t recommend running things out just because you feel good. It is important to manage the risk at all times.


Anyways, I climbed the route on my first shot with one rest and cleaned it, wandered around to get Tracey on her project. She did really well but didn’t hit the jug after the crux and came off……a solid effort still and she is a machine. Great to have been able to hang with her again.


I decided to go back and get on the route again and gave it another shot. Climbed through the crux with out to much effort and extended up into the tufa section of the route. As I approached the anchors, feeling pumped as all hell, I missed a foot placement and that was it. I was airborne……..One move from glory…….6-7 metres later and with a soft touch into the wall I stopped falling. It was huge!!! And I was fine. The only thing damaged briefly was my ego, which I must say doesn’t really get involved in my life much anymore.


Well that was it, my climbing trip to Geyikbahiri, Turkey was over and it was time to head back to the bungalow and get showered, packed and fed. I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I wanted to be at least fresh for it.

I also had a little bit of work to do for my wonderful host Senol (pronounced Sha-Nol) at Kezban’s Guest House. I was helping him out with his newly revitalised website for the business. I was very happy to help him out as he and his lovely wife had looked after me so well. So I sat on the balcony of my bungalow and worked in the sun, on the website and my tan. This is my idea of an office 🙂


As it was also Tracey’s last night and our friends from Germany were also leaving the following day, the four of us went out and had a beautiful dinner at a local guest house just up the hill. Ansgar and Saskia were truly wonderful people and I was happy to have been able to spend time with them.


Apart from meeting a group of wonderful and talented climbers I had the pleasure of spending time with my friend Tracey. She is a truly “Good Human”. Thanks Tracey so much for the support, care and love that you and your secret admirer showed me during our time together. The bon fillet was superb with the pumpkin puree……..a true dirtbag gourmet delight.

I am now off to meet up with my not so secret admirer and another “good human”…………see you soon Miss K.


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