the adventure continues:- a month apart, the weather is warm and a brand new start………

I have to say walking out of an airport baggage claim area and into the arms of someone you love is a wonderful and truly inspiring experience. I had arrived in Bangkok after a sixteen hour flight from Dublin via Dubai and was absolutely shattered, until I saw her. At that point in time I was revitalised in an instant and all I wanted to do was hug and kiss her. It was wonderful to see Miss K again after a month apart.

We were in Thailand for approximately one month and then we would have to leave so as to not over stay our visa. We have a few ideas as to what we would do, but the one thing we will be doing is enjoying the Thai people and culture, the rock climbing, yoga and the water. It is after all summer here right now and the weather is fabulous. I must say after two month in the cold weather it is a very pleasant change.

Heading back to the hotel on the airport link train and then the metro was a great and relaxing way to hangout and just hold each other. We arrived at the hotel and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was a new place and had been opened about 7 months. We settled into our room and discussed what we would do for lunch.




We headed out and went to this great place called Hemmingway’s in the expat district, had a couple beers and a light meal as it was late afternoon and we were heading out for dinner to this little NGO restaurant called “Cabbages and Condoms”……yes you read correctly. I thought it was hilarious too, don’t worry! The light shades were made of condoms, the mannequins outfits were all condoms and you were given complementary condoms with the bill……fabulous and funny all at once. Dinner was fantastic and it was my first Thai meal in Thailand and I loved it.




The next day we headed to the airport and hopped on our flight to Phuket and then on to our boat to Koh Yao Noi. Karine has spoken highly of this place for the last couple of months and I was super happy to be going there with her and spending time together. It is truly beautiful.



This is the town centre on Koh Yao Noi.

We settled into our bungalow and headed over to the restaurant where we were staying and ordered a late lunch. Oh My God!!! the food was incredible. We were both still a little jet lagged so we rested and just hung out on the balcony. Our bungalow is a primitive and simple structure with a bed and an attached bathroom. This was all we needed too. Not too many modern amenities here……very basic indeed.

Welcome to the great outdoors 🙂


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