the adventures continues:- sun, rocks and salt and garlic pepper, singha beer…….ahhhh nothing better!

The last couple of days have been a little quiet over here in T-land and the island has been getting its nightly beatings from the monsoon season between 6-9pm everyday. We have been getting out and trying out the local restaurants and sampling some of the best food I have eaten on my world wide adventure so far……yes it is continuing and getting more exciting by the minute.

Anyways…….on our last rest day Karine and I headed to Pasai Beach on the east coast of Koh Yao Noi. Its only about ten minutes by scooter to the beach and there is an outdoor restaurant right there. I decided on fish and Karine’s only request was garlic and pepper. The manager said “follow me”. I walked into this dodgy kitchen and he opened the freezer and pulled out this 1.5kg silver snapper. “I make wit garlic pepper, deep fried!” he said. I said “Great! How much?” He said “400 baht.” ………Sold! $16 AUD for lunch with beer and salad for two.


Two nights previous we went to this little place down the street and got a table on the beach. I had always wanted to do this and it just simply happened. Squid stuffed with prawns in coconut milk was our dish of choice…..divine indeed! The rain came a we had to run for cover but the food was still sensational. We have been here a week and I haven’t had an average meal, the food is a delight. I absolutely love Thai cuisine.

We are on a rest day tomorrow after two days of climbing. We are getting fitter and stronger after a few weeks of inconsistency in our vertical world. Everything just seems a little harder right now, but I am happy to announce that Karine and I are being joined by my dear friends Mike and Robyn for a week of climbing after Xmas. We are all getting super excited and I am now very psyched and ready to climb hard again. We now have “a plan” and we begin Saturday morning.

Version 2

Back to the food………….it just gets better and better. I had Khao Man Gai for breakfast the other day. It is a “high end” street vendor dish that consists of poached chicken, steamed rice, broth and a gritty and spicy sauce. It is without a doubt my favourite Thai meal ever. Jaza is a little cafe in the local village and they do it wonderfully well.


Saturday morning at 6am we will be there and I will be having Khao Man Gai and black coffee before heading out the “The Mitt” to try out some of the 7a’s  (23’s) on my tick list……….oooops talking about climbing again. This supposed to be a food blog for god’s sake.

Every place we have been to has had there own spin on the classics but this just makes for exciting dining and a wonderful overall experience of the food, the people and the influence of local produce on the culture.

Bon appetit………….trend setters 🙂


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