the adventure continues:- a couple of good days climbing was all that was needed………


Today was our second day on rock in a row and tomorrow is going to be a rest day, so we decided to get on and climb a lot. Since we are just getting our fitness back and feeling good about it we decided to do some laps at The Mitt and Big Tree Wall. We warmed up on some low grade classics at The Mitt and headed around to Big Tree before the crowds arrived.


Big Tree is a great moderate grade area with long routes to tantalise even the hard grade climbers. The setting is amazing and the routes are particularly cool. There is nothing above 7b+ (and thats just the last pitch of Tipsy Gypsy). Super fun climbing on great rock with a view that you could only dream of. Truly superb.


Having figured out the only way to get fit again was to do some laps and really just get into enjoying the routes and what they had to offer. Which was everything!! The early 6’s were super fun and long and the 6c that I climbed was a stunning adventure into technical face climbing, slightly overhanging silliness and a crux that was just bold enough and above the bolt. Loved it so much I did it twice.

Version 2

There are 11 multi-pitch routes here that we are really keen to explore now that our fitness is a little better and the weather has cooled down to the high twenties after 4pm. The first pitches of all the routes are great but the one that takes the cake is a 6a called Looney Tunes. This is an airy space walk through the nuances of bridging techniques of old with a little bit of runout fun to add a little thai spice. Again, I did this route twice because of the variations with which you could climb it.

After two days on and 14 routes in total at an average of about 25 metres per route, the endurance is coming back. I love it so much when I am fit and it feels good both mentally and physically to be there. That being said, I must say that just climbing these routes in the best part of it all. There are gems here that are relatively unknown and you better be prepared to walk to climb them. Access issues abound at the moment.

Hangin’ out with Karine has been the best part as we are having a great time together and really enjoying each others company when out climbing as well as in our relaxed non-climbing life…..hahahaha……..really there is a relaxed non-climbing life? Yeah right………..whatever!

Also keen for a little Snock Kling and Dee Water Solow while we are here too 🙂


Bye for now…………


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