the adventure continues:- a day on a long-tail exploring the islands in Phang Nga Bay.

We met at the pier at 8:00 am to set off on our four island day trip. It was a beautiful day and the wind that was blowing overnight had calmed to a nice breeze. I think we were all pretty excited about an active rest day after two days of solid climbing and big walking. It was time to be tourists and see what everyone else who comes to Thailand goes to see. Our boat driver Kong was a happy individual who was super keen to show us a great day on the bay and greeted us with a happy and very large smile. He lead us to the boat, we boarded and took off out into the open water.

King Kong leading us back to the sea.
Craig, Mike, Robyn and Karine…………smilin’ and stylin’!!

Karine and I had more sunscreen on than we had ever put on before, we were coated. It was already hot and out on the water it wasn’t as noticeable as when on dry land. Mike and Robyn had taken the smart option and were under the canopy while Miss K and I sat in the sun chair at the front of the boat. We were hoping to improve our tan a little and not get incinerated in the process.


Our first stop was a little secluded place where the local bird-nesters lived. Bird-nesters make their living by collecting the nests of the swallows that live in the caves on the cliffs of the islands. This is still a common thing in the islands of the bay and they are very protective of their livelihoods. Climbing on the nesters islands is banned during “the harvest”. This island was simply stunning and there were only two other people on it, however the man living there had beer for sale at 8:30am…….no we didn’t indulge.

Koh Lao La Ding……..Bird Nestters Island.

The next few little islands were just lovely sandy beaches and a place for us to swim and cool down. We tried a bit of snorkelling and just frolicked around in the beautiful warm water. We took photos of each other in various states of relaxation and Kong took a great shot of the four of us just posing for the shot ……..we all looked really healthy and happy. It was great to see jut how chilled we all were……….truly inspiring I say.

Simply stunning and untouched for that day anyways……..
Version 2
Happy Daze……I think we all look super healthy and happy!


This was the island of tourists from the mainland………still stunning…….but not our style.

The lagoon island was the big draw card on this trip from what we understood. So Kong pointed the boat in the right direction and off we went. As we moved further across the bay Kong pointed out one of the bigger islands and said “We will not go there, too many tourists from Krabi and Phuket!” We looked across and all agreed instantly that he had made an informed choice on our behalves. The lagoon island was truly stunning……the photos say it all.

The entrance to the Lagoon Island.
This beautiful wall in the lagoon had a possible super hard route on it and all we could do was smile…..because Mike and I just can’t help ourselves when it comes to scoping out new lines.

Our Spanish friends Alexis and Laura had recommended that we go and see this place and do the trip with Kong. 1000 baht each for the day…….that included four major islands and a couple of smaller ones, a beautiful packed lunch of chicken cashew nut with rice and some seasonal fruit to finish off. We sat on a beautiful desert island under coconut palms and ate our fill of wonderful homemade Thai cuisine, whilst being watched wearily by a 2.5 metre long monitor lizard about 10 metres away in the undergrowth……..most intense time I have had eating in quite a while.

Version 2

All in all a fantastic day out being a tourist and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who gets the chance to come down this way and explore a truly stunning part of the world.


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