the adventure continues:- red-points, on-sights, end of year…..its all right!

Last morning of 2015 looks to be yet again……..exceptional!

The last four days have been wonderful, truly wonderful. My friends Mike and Robyn arrived on the island to join Karine and I for a few days. They had flown over from Sydney on a spur of the moment “impulse purchased holiday” to hang out and climb in this little known area of southern Thailand. I love these guys! They are two of the “Good Humans” I have come to adore over the past few years that we have known each other. We have climbed together, partied together and now we are holidaying together………..great stuff to see out the end of an amazing year of travel, healing, recovery and discovery.

Version 2
Karine on “The Guided” route…….warming into Khao Yao Noi climbing…..
Robyn cruisin’ up “The Cooler” 6a for her first lead in a year……..stylin’ Robbie stylin’!

We have been eating some of the best food I have ever tasted and spending time catching up on what has been happening back home. Most importantly we have been walking through the Thai jungle in oppressive heat to go climbing. Mike is the understated “King of the on-sight”. Since I have known him, he has never done more than one shot at any route we have climbed together. We have climbed as hard as 7a+ (24) together and his modus operandi is….. on-sight everything, that way he only has to climb it once! I love this approach…………and you cant fall off. 🙂

Mike looking intimidating on the on-sight of “Big Cloud Coming” 6b+ warm up at The Mitt.

We spent our last day of climbing on Koh Yao Noi at The Mitt in the morning and at The Big Tree in the late morning through until about 4:00pm. I put the draws on Loco (7a) and fell on the on-sight at the crux and blew my second shot because of a bad foot placement. It’ll go next time we are here.

The author assessing the crux of “Loco” 7a on the second shot red-point attempt………

Mike had a great morning with a very solid on-sight of “Black Widow Arete” 6c+ and followed it up with a fabulous flash of “Loco” 7a. The girls were very patient with us trying some harder routes and were yelling out messages of support as we both worked ourselves a little.

The flash is now in the bag, the crux is done and now its just tufa thugging fun………..Mike on “Loco” 7a at The Mitt

We then headed around to The Big Tree. Mike was on a mission to tick the entire crag and had four routes to do to complete it. He was off and running and knocked over the routes very quickly. I did four routes and Karine and Robyn did the same I think.

The author on “Daddy Long Legs”………best 6b ever!!!!

It was a great afternoon topped off with another crazy incident where we watched a young Aussie girl being lowered off the bottom of the third pitch of a route above us into space. She ended up five metres out from the wall and unable to self-rescue. Fortunately Mike was on the bottom pitch and headed up to throw her a rope so she could be pulled back into the belay station. Inexperience had struck yet again……….

Anyways it was a great last day of climbing together and we headed out of the jungle passing toucans, snake skins, bee hives, thorny vines and slippery trails. The ride back to the accommodation was refreshing after the heat had completely thrashed us. We had to get ready for a party.

Tonight was New Years Eve and we were super excited to be spending it together in Thailand. We had been having such a great time and Robyn and Mike were continually saying how happy the y were to be here with us. The Tha Khao Bay Seaview bungalows where we were staying were putting on a BBQ for its guests, so we all just hangout there for the night. We had also met a lovely couple from France too. Maurice and Ingrid joined us at our table and we ate and talked until it was time to head down the beach (across the road) to watch the midnight fireworks across the southern coast of Thailand and send off our “little boat of dreams”.


Happy New Year everyone……….may your hearts be strong and your dreams continue to drive you on to new adventures. Thanks for reading in 2015.

the adventure continues in 2016!


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