the adventure continues: Penang; its street art makes for a relaxing stroll through Georgetown.

We had just arrived in our hotel in Georgetown, Penang and the air conditioning was on and it was a blessed relief from the torture of the heat on the street. We rested briefly and then we were out and about in search of the famed Penang street art that Georgetown (the old colonial part of the city) is famous for. Looking at the map and feeling rather excited……we chose our first target and headed for “Kids on a Bicycle”………about a half hour later and several stops along the way we saw a crowd of tourists and thought “That’s It!” Sure enough…….there is was. Stunning and earthy. Truly wonderful.


As we wandered we saw many different and more basic/modern pieces this was a bit of fun to look at but nothing on the style and photo-realism of the classics. These paintings were indeed spectacular. The next few pieces were located in Armenian Street………a hidden gem with a few touristy shops and a great little bicycle shop to boot.


The pictures are self explanatory and I think it better not to ramble, so here are some of the pieces we looked at. I hope you enjoy them.





Wandering a round certainly worked up an appetite for both of us and we decided to head for the local noodle franchise Yeap Noodles……this place is great. Lime Juice was the drink of choice and it punches your thirst so quickly and completely. Dinner was pork spring rolls with spicy pork noodles and pork curry……..theres a theme building here.

We decided to have an early night and get up early in the morning and go and find the last of the unfound street art on our map. It was a great afternoon and a seriously fabulous way to see old Penang……shopping malls and touristy things really don’t interest me too much at the best of times.



Good night 🙂


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