the adventure continues:- A happy ending………but not what you expect in Bangkok!

Bangkok for a quick three days to catch up with Karine’s friends and pick up our climbing gear…..sooooo the “Full Thai Experience” (FTE) was put on the table by Karine and I accepted with a smile unsure of what she meant.

We woke to dogs barking outside our bedroom in the alley and it was barely daylight. I wandered down stairs and made coffee… was bad and not what I wanted to hand to Karine to say “good morning”.

Getting in the taxi and heading to our destination was an epic journey through the motorways of Bangkok. Traffic constricted every little part of the road. Scooters moving between the cars like flies buzzing around a carcass and merging cars bustling for position in this peaceful chaos that is driving in the city here everyday………not a horn can be heard anywhere.

Our first stop was breakfast. Khao Mun Gai for two and a fresh coconut juice (coconut included) for me and passionfruit juice for Miss K. What a way to start the day!? We walked a couple of blocks south after we had paid 125 baht for our morning feed, heading towards a little side street that Karine knew about. After all she had lived in Bangkok for just over 6 years. As we crossed the road and entered the side street I made contact with our destination.

I was now standing in front of a series of gold framed windows with stunningly clean glass and a sign that read “Panipa”. I was standing in front of a beauty salon and this was all part of the FTE that I had agreed to. We entered the salon and took a seat on the extremely lush cushioned lounge and waited to be received. Within three minutes we were welcomed and asked what we would like. A hair colour, manicure and pedicure for Miss K and well what can I say………A head, neck and shoulder massage, manicure and pedicure for me.

The foyer at Panipa. The saloon for everyone who needs everything done at once.

Here I sat being absolutely pampered for the next hour. My feet were massaged and tidied up to the point where I almost found my feet attractive…..unheard of! Nails were trimmed and cuticles neatened and softened with some miracle creme that was unknown to the non-metrosexual male surrounded by a sea of gorgeous European and Thai woman all there for the “same, same but different” thing as me.

Karine (R) and Shirley have known each other for years now, a happy reunion!

While I write this blog, Karine is having her hair shampooed and conditioned whilst trying not to fall asleep having her head massaged at the same time. This is a day of decadent self-indulgence and well-being that I have not experienced since a trip to Vanuatu back in 2007 (I think??)…….anyways I have to ask for another coffee and flex my toes a little to see how relaxed they are after the massage……….its hard for me today ok, I am struggling here…….I am out of my comfort zone.

Last stop before dinner and drinks at Wine Connection in Bangkok.
Mango Sticky Rice and Ginger Tea……….very very relaxed indeed.

Anyways, gotta go right now…….we have lunch and a massage to get to before dinner with friends………FTE..right!!!


One thought on “the adventure continues:- A happy ending………but not what you expect in Bangkok!

  1. The FTE must have been an amazing time. I love those times…What a beautiful salon.
    The bus ride sounds a bit wild, and the interior of the bus , well what can be said about that.
    At least it was comfortable… a nice selfie of you both.


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