the adventure continues:- Heart Wall draws us in and cultural diversity…..where do I begin……….Crazy Horse part 2

Karine and I headed up to Heart Wall with Yeo and Su May after our fifth consecutive rice soup breakfast at La Bhu Sala. Although it was a great way to start the day we were all getting a little bored with the same thing everyday and we discussed what our options were in the village for the next day.

Miss K on her red-point attempt of her 6a+ project.

The walk in to the crag was a similar 20 minute walk into most crags in Kalymnos without the scree or the ocean views. Its beautifully setup with bamboo hand rails on the paths and well sign posted for easy time efficient access. The only difference is there are no route names painted on the rock. Anyways Heart Wall was the place for us. We warmed up and decided on our routes for the day.

Karine and I, on the recommendation of an American couple we had been chatting to decided the do a route called “Together” 6a+. A little romantic given the crag we were at too. 36 metres of varied climbing on incredible rock. It was a real little adventure. Three dimensional tufa climbing and overhung jug-hauling then onto a vertical steep face and up a slab to the anchors. Stunning to say the least. Next was “Hot Headed” 6b. A steep and pumpy route at the grade, 22 metres long and sustained all the way. Super stoked with the onsight and proud of Miss K sending it as well.

Yeo resting on the 36 metre 6a+ adventure route “Together”.
Su May top-roping “Together”. Don’t show ya’ mum this Su May!

We called it a day after 5 routes and headed back to Jira Homestay with Yeo and Su May for a beer and a bite to eat. Talked about our day and generally chatted about cultural difference and weird slang in multiple languages. Its great to have the cultural diversity that travelling brings, as you meet new people on their own journey. We organised to have dinner together again and headed back for our clean up session after the dust and sweat had been subdued by beer and chilli.

Dinner at the Thai Steakhouse was hilarious! We were sitting in Australia corner (adourned with Aussie paraphernalia from yester-year) and the owner had been to Australia twice as a British Airways Operations Manager back about 20 years ago. His name (or what he liked to be called) was Uncle Nop. No idea why but there you go.

We ordered steaks and salad. It was a flavoursome meal but the stake looked grey and was definitely not cooked by an Aussie. It looked like it had been continually turned over and over and over until it resembled “the” grey slab at Upper Shipley (google it). Uncle Nop showed us pictures of his Scotland trip and he was very excited about reminiscing with us.

Tomorrow is a rest day and we are heading to Chang Mai for a look around the old city.

Stay tuned…………


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