the adventure continues:- Door jams, Prohands, body weight and Therabands…… training!

Beginning training again whilst travelling around the world climbing can present its own set of issues. Where do I begin. There isn’t a gym in every place you go, rest days are for rest and hang boards are few and far between in remote places. I have a friend who is currently travelling in the U.S. and she has a great little hang board that she uses. Check out Awesome Woodys. In Spain I saw guys with hang boards of all shapes and sizes warming up at the crag. I don’t have the luxury of another kilo or so of weight to add to my gear.

Just the climbing gear for the trip. Sports Kit!

So how do I go about resolving this training issue now that my motivation is returning. I need to get on to it as soon as possible so as not to lose my attitude change and have it impact me again. My mate from Oz said “mate use door jams any chance you get.” I thought what a great idea! I now have that in my head wherever I am. I have a cool little device called a Gripmaster Prohands. It is a grip strength training tool; great gadget indeed.

Gripmaster ProHands – Heavy Tension

I have been thinking about what I can use in addition to simple things like my own body weight, door jams, Gripmaster and my trusty old black Theraband. Interestingly enough I have been using the net to find training substance that is mobile and will suit the type of training I want to be doing.

My trusty old Theraband and attachment slings…….excellent for resistance training and stability and mobility exercises.

I found a great little video on YouTube by a lady I climbed with in the U.S. She is a professional climber and is a committed training machine. Check out her ideas to see if you can gain benefits. I certainly got a few great exercises from her. Thanks Audrey…

My awesome host and “Good human”….the delightful Audrey Sniezek.

Because its hard to project on the road due to the limited amount of time you have in a particular area (unless you are staying in a place for weeks) it’s important to maintain your strength and mobility training. This online resource is great You can replace dumbbells with theraband resistance training or if you like you can use large water bottles for the weight you need.

Version 2
Travel training will payoff if its consistent. Hard to maintain the rage on the road at times.

I have now started this training process and I will let you all know how it progresses over time. Please let me know if you have any questions about the “how to” for any of the exercises where replacing things is required…..I am still thinking through it but and happy and motivated to work them out for you……..I do have a bit of time on my hands 🙂

After just 20 minutes of doing some of these exercises I am a little pumped I must say. The benchmarks in the second resource are quite solid to achieve first up unless you have been training for a while.

Good luck with your training and your travels everyone 🙂


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